Isles of Scilly Pilot Notes & Charts

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St Marys Harbour

We have 38 large visitor mooring buoys, 10 of which are suitable for vessels from 40ft to 60ft and are GREEN in colour. The remaining YELLOW buoys are suitable for vessels up to 40ft in length. We also have 1 mooring available for vessels up to 80ft. Vessels may raft up on any of our moorings.

Vessels Alongside Quay Wall
essels are invited to berth alongside the quay wall at the inner berths only, ahead of the white line painted at the top of the inner steps. While here you may collect water, top up the electric or stay for overnight berthing. Skippers should be aware that the inner berths are approximately 1 metre above Chart Datum. Please note that tying to the handrails, or using these berths for hull cleaning, is strictly prohibited. It may be possible for larger vessels to lay alongside the Quayís outer berth on certain nights; however this must be arranged with the Harbourmaster.

Small Visiting Craft
In the Harbour we can provide a number of moorings for people wishing to bring small craft (R.I.Bís, Day boats, etc.) to the islands normally for use while staying on the islands. These moorings should be booked with the Harbourmaster in advance and rafting may be necessary in the high season.

he visitorís moorings within the Harbour are suitable for rafting and this is a well recognised procedure, particularly in fine weather. However, we would like to remind our customers that consent should be sought from the vessel already occupying the buoy and that both skippers should be happy with the arrangements before making fast.

A Pontoon has been established at the inner berths of the Harbour. Visiting yachts are granted access to the pontoon upon payment of Harbour Dues.

Local Area Charts
Navigation for the local area can be found in the Admiralty Charts numbers 883 and 34.

Various tide books can be found in the shops around the islands and tidal graphs and figures are available in different almanacs. In certain places around the islands the currents can be quite strong causing choppy conditions when the wind and tide are against each other. Itís worth having a look at the directions and speeds, normally found on the admiralty charts and almanacs, before your visit. High water Dover -0630 Devonport -00.55 Maximum rise, Springs 6.2 metres Mean rise Springs 5.7 metres Neaps 4.3 metres

Weather Guide
A weather forecast is displayed on the notice board outside the harbour office and copies are usually available in the office during busy periods. The inshore waters forecast is given by Falmouth coastguard at 0710 LT and every three hours afterwards. These forecasts are currently announced on VHF channel 16 and broadcast on VHF channel 86.
Pilot Maps
St Marys Harbour
St Martins
St Agnes
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