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This month's prize:
Well the Harbourguides Crew are all back from their summer sabbatical, and we are all fresh and ready for hard work.
As always well done to everyone who got the right answer to last monthís competition because we thought it a pretty difficult one. The answer was Port Vell in Barcelona where some of the crew were based during the summer.
So, what about this monthís prize? Well a good few of the crew have come back from their sailing excursions wearing some interesting nautical bracelets. We had to admit they looked pretty cool, so we have chosen a nice design that is unisex and thatís going to be this monthís prize. See the photo in one of the alternating photos on this page. (The lucky winner will have to send us their exact wrist measurement) To choose the right size of your bracelet just measure your wrist and choose the same size of the bracelet. If you have 6.7 inch, for example, you need to choose exactly the same size of the bracelet. Donít worry about it being too tight.
So good luck to each and every one of you!

How to Enter

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Q: The Harbourguides Crew rigged up an emergency outboard service bay, using the rubbish bins in a marina as seen in the photo on the right(The photo is above if you are viewing on a mobile phone) but what marina is it?

A) Port Forum
B) Port Olympic
C) Port Ginesta

Last months winner: The answer to last month's competition was B Port Vell. Well done to all of the correct entrants. The winner has been notified..
The prize is on its way.