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This month's prize:
Well what a difference a few weeks make. I donít think anyone has experienced what the world is going through at this moment in time. We have to be so thankful for our fantastic NHS and other frontline and essential workers. They are now fighting for us all and helping us to continue with as normal a life as possible in these worrying times.
For most of us our orders are to stay at home! We are not being asked to jump out of a trench and charge the enemy as our parents/ grandparents were asked to. Or jump out of a plane into enemy lines and fight. Or have the constant fear of bombs hitting the house. Or all the other perilous feats of bravery our ancestors carried out during past wars. All we have to do is STAY AT HOME! Its so simple, but so important. The vast majority of us are literally the HOME GUARD now, So lets all make sure we play our roll in winning this war and get back to normality as soon as possible.
OK, so on to the prize. We have noticed that our computers have been running slow lately with so many people at home using the internet. We stumbled across this little device that claims to make an old slow computer into a lightning fast high-performance PC!
Itís called Xtra-PC and if you have an old, slow computer, itís exactly what youíve been waiting for. Just plug the device into your old, outdated, slow PC to give it new life.
The tiny but powerful devices uses a streamlined operating system that is designed to boost the performance of any PC built after 2008. It even works on PCís with a missing or damaged hard drive, which is a great option for people with crashed computers.
Sounds good to us! So get your thinking caps on and give it a go.
May you anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your Rum be spiced and your compass true. Good Luck Everyone!! and STAY SAFE!!

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A) Alderney
B) St Marys (Scilly)
C) Lerwick

Last months winner: The answer to last month's competition was A Jersey. Well done to all of the correct entrants. The winner will be notified..
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