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This month's prize:
Firstly thanks to all the entrants for August, there was literally tens of thousands of you and as usual the vast majority of you were correct, so well done. Most of the crew are now back from their various sailing jaunts and on many a long crossing we have looked at the moon on those warm light nights and wondered what it would be like to be there. Well we wonít be visiting the Moon for a while yet, but we thought it would be a nice prize for our competition for someone to own a bit of real estate there.
So thatís exactly what we have done, Each ownership pack comes complete with: A lunar deed stating the exact co-ordinates of your plot and confirming your claim to one acre of primo lunar real estate A document confirming your right to mine any mineral deposits on your land, be they gold, diamonds or lumps of rock and dust A map of the moon's surface, with your property marked clearly upon it A copy of the Lunar Constitution and Bill of Rights, documents detailing the moon's laws and the rights of landowners there A copy of the original Declaration of Ownership.
To get the chance of owning your own plot of land on the Moon, all you have to do is enter our competition.
So good luck to each and every one of you and as always may the wind be with you.

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Q: What is the name of the town in the alternating photo?
(The alternating photo is on the right, or above if you are viewing on a phone)

A) Tarragona
B) Vilanova
C) Sitges

Last months winner: The answer to last month's competition was A Port Ginesta. Well done to all of the correct entrants. The winner will be notified..
The prize is on its way.