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This month's prize:
Hello 2020!! Hope you have all had a fantastic start to the year. Here at Harbourguides we are convinced this is going to be an incredible year. Some of the crew are still recovering from the festivities, but collectively we are now ready for the challenges ahead. 2020 is going to great.
So, onto the competition prize. Well if you are like any of the Harbourguides Crew you may well have overindulged during the Christmas and New Year festivities and are now concentrating on getting the body (and the liver) back in shape for the Summer. We thought long and hard about this and now boxing and MMA training is becoming very popular, so we looked at some of the training apparatus they use and decided to make one of them this monthís prize.
We decided on a Lonsdale SP FS Punch Bag. itís a great all-round boxing training piece of kit, it is quick and simple to assemble, making it easy to use anywhere, it has a heavy-duty base which can be filled with water or sand to weight it down. As well as getting fit, you can release all that pent-up energy stored during a stressful work day.
So, if you want to get fighting fit for this Summer, get your thinking caps on and enter the competition, remember its free and a bit of fun. This monthís prize is a great one, but the question is one of our toughest yet. If you get the right answer, who knows, you could be the next boxing champion.
Good luck to all and letís make 2020 the best year ever!
May the wind be with you!

How to Enter

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Q: In what country is the marina in the alternating photo?
(The alternating photo is on the right, or above if you are viewing on a phone)

A) Turkey
B) Morroco
C) Cyprus

Last months winner: The answer to last month's competition was B The Isle of Wight. Well done to all of the correct entrants. The winner will be notified..
The prize is on its way.