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This month's prize:
September!! Already! This year seems to be flying along. All the Harbourguides Crew will soon be returning from their summer adventures, as I’m sure so will many of you.
Well we got talking about all the various places we have all visited on sailing trips as well as holidays. One of the crew brought in a “World Scratch Map”. For those who are not familiar, these are a slick looking gold wall map to start with, and then you scratch off all the places you've visited to reveal a whole new world, featuring colour and geographical detail. The result is a totally unique and personalised world map. We were amazed at how many various locations we had all been to. So, no prizes guessing this month’s offering.
They really do look great on any wall and can encourage you to visit more and more locations.
It’s a great prize, so the question is another toughie. So good luck and well done to all last month’s correct entrants.

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Q: Where is the marina in the background of the alternating photo?
(The alternating photo is on the right, or above if you are viewing on a phone)

A) Cambrils
B) Sitges
C) Tarragona

Last months winner: The answer to last month's competition was B Port Olympic. Well done to all of the correct entrants. The winners will be notified..
The prize is on its way.