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This month's prize:
Okay the cold weather is now well and truly with us in the UK and its time to wrap up and keep warm. Many say, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing” Not sure I agree entirely, but of course the right clothing is very important. One thing I do know is that my head feels the cold and a good warm hat is a must on cold winter days.
So, for this month’s prize we are giving away an “Original French Army Winter Field Hat”. It is fur lined with side ear flaps and a Velcro fastening and is brand new. Its exactly what’s needed to fight off the bitter cold of our winters.
Fancy one? If so, enter our competition! Its free and just a bit of fun. As always, well done to all the correct entrants from the November comp. The answer was B Jersey.
So get your thinking caps on!
And as always good luck to you all and may your anchor be tight, your cork be loose, your Rum be spiced and your compass true! STAY SAFE!! AND STAY POSITIVE!!

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Q: What marina is harbourguides cew member Paul up the mast in the alternating photo?

A) Port Garaf
B) Port Vel
C) Port Ginesta

Last months winner: The answer to last month's competition was B Jersey. Well done to all of the correct entrants. The winner will be notified..
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