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This month's prize:
Well what a Summer we have had. Letís be honest, we have had a fair bit of sunshine this year. Sadly though, the Summer has come to an end and soon those cold dark nights will creep up on us. But donít despair, the Harbourguides Crew have come up with a daring prize that will spice up any winter night.
Yes! This months competition winner will receive a Lightning Reaction Electric Shock Game! You'll be shocked by the amount of fun that can be had with Lightning Reaction, the electric shock game. Similar Russian roulette, but instead of anybody being shot the loser receives an electric shock.
Ok probably not everyoneís cup of tea but those daring enough to participate, the game can be played with 2 or 4 players and the rules are the same, the last person to press their trigger is going to be shocked. And if you're feeling really hard-core switch to Lighting Reaction Extreme! In this mode only the fastest player will escape without a shock. You can even crack up the power of the shocks so that the game becomes even more high stakes.
The Harbourguides Crew have had a lot of fun playing this on a recent trip. So if your brave enough to want to play this game enter the competition and you could soon be shocking your friends..or even shocking yourself.
Good Luck!!

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Q: Where is the is the alternating photo of?
(The alternating photo is on the right, or above if you are viewing on a phone)

A) Isle of Man
B) Isles of Scilly
C) Isle of Wight

Last months winner: The answer to last month's competition was A Isle of Arran. Well done to all of the correct entrants. The winner will be notified..
The prize is on its way.