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Guernsey Restaurant and Pub Guide

Wednesday February 15th, 2017

Guernsey Restaurant Guide

If you’re coming to Guernsey this year you will know doubt be visiting several of the fantastic restaurants and bars this wonderful island has to offer. So, to make it easy for you Harbourguides guide to Guernsey includes a section on Bars, Restaurants, Takeaways etc.

All are featured with a location map and review section, so you can leave an appraisal for other visitors in the future.

Our guides work just as well on phone, tablet, or PC. and you can also print them off if you think you are going to without network coverage.

Here is a link to the Guernsey guide, and one to the Guernsey “Food and Drink” section.




Enjoy your visit to this beautiful island.

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16/02/2017 @ 10:28 am
Bradley Sheringham
Coming to Guernsey next week. Will give it a go. Looks good.
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