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A selection of restaurants and places to eat in the area which are recommended by the team.

Details & Reviews (1)Restaurant La Salseta
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Restaurant La Salseta
Our restaurant we opened in 1990, and in those 20 years, has become a classic in Sitges. Probably more than 75% of our loyal clientele comes from the same town and nearby villages. Our kitchen, constantly evolving, trying to be a meeting point between now and tradition. In our menu you will find updated traditional dishes such as cod with garlic pickles, rice in Sitges xató how much time and endive. The desserts are intended to be light, and without unnecessary baroque element combining tradition and modernity, with special attention to the table cheeses Catalonia and some sweet wines, among which there is the lack of Malvasia Sitges.Totes preparations you'll find there are ours except for the ice cream.

Address: Restaurant La Salseta, Carrer Sant Pau, 35, 08870 Sitges

Phone: 93 811 04 19 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Club Nautic De Sitges
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Club Nautic De Sitges
It is under the same church of Sant Bartomeu and Santa Tecla Sitges, a building that stands on the promenade and draw the picture and most famous feature of the town. The beach is a typical frigate Sitges beaches located between two piers. Formerly a port area of ​​the stranded boats of local fishermen. Currently shares space with the Yacht Club de Sitges. It has a length of 85 meters and an average width of 35 meters. Bounded by the east breakwater East and West Yacht Club and the pier and the beach the Riviera

Address: Club Nautic De Sitges, Espigo De Llevant s/n, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona

Phone: 937 432 057 - Email - Website - Map
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El Cable
The cable is a tapas bar in Sitges. Let good tapas (our clients say that the best of Sitges and its surroundings, and it is we who deny it). Some of our tops have reached the level of mythic potatoes bravas, the calamari or ham croquettes, for example. And we are in this business for two days, precisely: Andrew's family opened the cable for the first time in 1940, in a building located in Angel Vidal. In February 1956 Cable opened in its present location at the corner of Calle Barcelona. Although the building was built by the family itself, and are used initially. Ods used to house the first floor of the family and worked as a pension upper floors.

Address: El Cable, Carrer de Barcelona, 1, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona

Phone: +34 938 94 87 61 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)La Taberna del Puerto
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La Taberna del Puerto
La Taberna del Puerto is a classic among restaurants in Sitges. It´s almost four decades combining authentic, traditional Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine with modern and original touches. Since 1978, the Restaurant La Taberna del Puerto is a gastronomic landmark Barcelona´s coastline. The perfect balance: Taste Catalan and Mediterranean cuisine in its purest form and enjoy exceptional views of the fishing and recreational docks of Sitges.

Address: La Taberna del Puerto, Passeig del Port d'Aiguadolç, 24, 08870 Sitges · Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 894 20 58 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Vivero Beach Club Restaurant
Vivero Beach Club Restaurant
Stunning views from terrace bar and restaurant. 5 minute walk from Sitges Marina ( Port )

Address: Vivero Beach Club Restaurant, Paseo Balmins s/n, 08870-Sitges( Barcelona )

Phone: +34 93942149 - Email - Website - Map
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Vi més Vi
Vimésvi emerges as a project to be two careers dedicated to the marketing of wines and champagnes. We DO in the country and abroad.
A new innovative concept: a place where you can buy, try or participate in a wine tasting.

Address: Vi més Vi, Carrer Santiago Rusiñol, 2, 08870 Sitges

Phone: 93 894 92 86 - Email - Website - Map
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Torre Anglada

Address: Torre Anglada, C/Major No3, 08870 Sitges

Phone: +34 602 1345 52 - Email - Map
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Our catering and cooking style is the same as that of the historic Santa Cucanya the Raco Llucia of Vilanova.
We also have several private rooms for all kinds of events and celebrations , from banquets to weddings, group meals and company dinners or anniversaries, events, accommodating up to 180 people. We always adapt to your needs.
We also have a wide terrace in Sitges located on the sea front where lunch, dinner or a drink in a quiet, unique and full of charm that provides one of the most privileged anchors in the area.
See you in the Port de Sitges ,

Address: LA CUCANYA PORT SITGES, Passeig del Port d'Aiguadolç, 1-20, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 811 31 77 Fax: +34 93 810 23 40 - Website - Map
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Villa Lola
Spectacular terrace located on Sitges seafront, select and relaxed atmosphere. Is a meeting point, next to the beautiful church on the seafront promenade. Place chosen for the filming of many movies and commercials because of his charm. Relax and enjoy the moment with our music: Chill Out, Deep House, Down Tempo. Villa Lola has been the stage for catwalks for several Scandanavian magazines. If you are interested in using our site for special events contact us at our contact section. We also offer business meeting points.

Address: Villa Lola, Paseo de la Ribera 2, Sitges

Phone: 93 894 7580 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)La Calma de Sitges
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La Calma de Sitges

Address: La Calma de Sitges, Passeig de la Ribera, 19, 08870 Sitges

Phone: 93 894 77 80 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Davallada Restaurante-Cafeteria
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Davallada Restaurante-Cafeteria
Your stay at the Hostal Davallada 9 would not be complete without visiting our restaurant, coffee shop, a place where you can relax and enjoy a good snack, a drink, a coffee or any of our exquisiteses.

Address: Davallada Restaurante-Cafeteria, Carrer de la Davallada 9, 08870 Sitges, Barcelona

Phone: +34 635 765 090 - Website - Map
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