Jersey Visitor Attractions

A selection of tourist and visitor attractions in the area which are recommended by the team.

Details & Reviews (0)Elizabeth Castle
Visitor Attractions
Elizabeth Castle
Built on a rocky islet in St Aubins Bay, Elizabeth Castle defended Jersey for more than 300 years.

Elizabeth Castle is a perfect place to spend a day exploring Jersey's history. Work began on the castle in the 1590s and it was home to Sir Walter Raleigh while he was Governor of Jersey. The future King Charles II sought refuge at Elizabeth Castle during the English Civil War.

Climb the battlements, explore the turrets and discover the Hermitage where St Helier is thought to have lived around 500 A.D. Visit the exhibitions which explain the role of the castle in Jersey's history and share the experience of the soldiers who were garrisoned here. Make history come alive as you join the Living History re-enactor on the Gunner's parade, and stand to attention as he fires the cannon each day between 10am and 3.30pm.

The castle is accessible at low tide by foot or the castle ferry which will transport you across the bay to and from the castle. The castle ferry runs daily at high or low tide, except in high winds, and a small charge applies.

Address: Elizabeth Castle, St Aubins Bay, St Helier, Jersey, JE3 3NU

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633300 - Website - Map
Visitor Attractions
Jersey Museum
Marilyn at Jersey Museum
An incredible collection of stage and personal costumes worn by the screen idol Marilyn Monroe. On display for the first time in one exhibition, this stunning collection combines these iconic costumes with accessories, jewellery, keepsakes and trinkets owned by Marilyn. The exhibition is a window into the life of the ultimate Hollywood star - on view from 25 March until the end of December 2009.

Items for this exhibition have been loaned by collector David Gainsborough Roberts Exhibition sponsored by UBS Wealth Management

Jersey Heritage protects and promotes the Island's rich heritage and cultural environment. We aim to inspire people to nurture their heritage in order to safeguard it for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone.

Address: Jersey Museum, The Weighbridge, St Helier Jersey, JE2 3NG

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633316 Fax: +44 (0)1534 633301 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Hamptonne Country Life Museum
Visitor Attractions
Hamptonne Country Life Museum
Discover 300 years of Jersey's rural heritage in this collection of picturesque farm buildings and meadows nestling in the countryside.

In the heart of St Lawrence, Hamptonne Country Life Museum transports you back to 17th century rural life. Explore the cluster of restored farmhouses and outbuildings or follow a nature trail and feed the farm animals. Discover local Jersey traditions such as cabbage loaves and cider making.

Explore Hamptonne house with the help of the resident housekeeper, the Goodwyf, who will intrigue you with local gossip, stories and quirky traditions. You'll find her working hard in the kitchen or tending to the cows in the sheds.

Children can pet the Jersey calves, feed the chickens, play outside in the activity area and explore the woodland, orchard and meadow. There is also a special children's room where our younger visitors can play with jigsaw puzzles and a model farm or test their knowledge with quizzes, nature trails and activity sheets. They can also enjoy drawing pictures and dressing up!

Address: Hamptonne Country Life Museum, La Rue de la Patente, St Lawrence, Jersey, JE3 1HS

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633374 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)la Hougue Bie Museum
Visitor Attractions
la Hougue Bie Museum
One of Europe's finest passage graves, set in beautiful surroundings, where you can learn about life in Jersey's neolithic community 6,000 years ago.

A medieval chapel sits on top of the prehistoric mound that dominates this tranquil and spiritual site. Hidden inside the mound is a large and well-preserved passage grave, considered one of Europe's finest dolmen examples. Enter the narrow passage that will take you to the heart of this ancient place of worship and imagine the lives of a community that gathered here over 6,000 years ago.

Ancient treasures are waiting to be discovered in the geology and archaeology museum on site, including coin hoards, axes, swords and spears.

Also on site, a command bunker built during the German Occupation houses a unique memorial to the memory of the slave-workers in the Channel Islands during the Second World War.

La Hougue Bie has a large picnic area where you can enjoy a day out amongst the beautiful and peaceful surroundings.

Address: la Hougue Bie Museum, La Route de la Hougue Bie, Grouville Jersey, JE2 7UA

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633373 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Mont Orgueil Castle
Visitor Attractions
Mont Orgueil Castle
History comes to life at Mont Orgueil Castle, which for 600 years protected Jersey against French invasion. Explore the network of staircases, towers and rooms to discover hidden treasures.

Mont Orgueil Castle is a wonderful place to visit, every time you vist you'll discover a staircase you've not seen before opening up into a room where you'll find something new. Climb the turrets to find the medieval 'wheel of urine', and descend into the basement to experience the 'witchcraft' exhibit. Life-size wooden soldiers guard the castle from attack and 'the wounded man' statue shows the fate that could befall those fighting to save the castle from invasion.

Let the Living History team of re-enactors transport you to another time, when the castle is under attack and eagles fly above. Make a wish at the Tudor well, climb to the top of the castle and imagine firing the mighty cannon, or simply enjoy the stunning view of the French coast only 14 miles away.

Address: Mont Orgueil Castle, Gorey, St Martin, Jersey, JE3 6ET

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633375 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (2)Jersey Adventures
Corporate Events
Established 1993, providing groups of all sizes with outdoor activities.

Address: Jersey Adventure, La Rue de La Pouclee et des Quatre Chemins Faldout,St Martin, Jersey, JE3 6DU

Phone: 01534 873074 - Email - Website - Mobile: 07797 727503 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Maritime Museum
Visitor Attractions
Maritime Museum
Discover all about Jersey's maritime past in this uniquely interactive museum were you can see, touch, hear and even smell the exhibits!

Set in the historic harbour of St Helier, the Maritime Museum is all about seafaring, navigation and the elements, told through the stories of Jersey people.

Through interactive exhibits you can feel the force of a gale, understand the tides and learn how to design and float a ship. Immerse yourself in songs and stories of the sea, and find out about the Island's myths and legends. The Maritime Museum brings alive Jersey's maritime past.

Take a look at the restoration work being carried out on one of our historic boats where every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday you can watch the ancient and declining art of boat-building as the team restore classic boats.

Address: Maritime Museum, New North Quay, St Helier, Jersey, JE2 3ND

Phone: +44 (0)1534 633372 - Website - Map
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