Dover Pilot Notes & Charts

Pilot notes are meant as a general guide, or for use in conjunction with a Pilot book or chart.

Unauthorised reproduction strictly prohibited - Terms & Conditions

Dover Port Control maintains a 24-hour listening watch on: -

VHF Channel 74, 12 or 16
Call sign is DOVER PORT CONTROL. Automatic radar VHF/DF identification is also in constant operation.

Entering the Port & Marina
Dover has an Outer Harbour containing ferry and deep-water commercial berths and an Inner Harbour, where the Marina and Hoverport are located.

All small craft are asked to call DOVER PORT CONTROL when two miles off to receive instructions for entering the Port. Please note that permission to enter the Outer Harbour is not usually granted until your craft is 200 metres from either the Western or Eastern entrance.

Once inside the Outer Harbour, you should proceed towards and into the Inner Harbour located between the Admiralty and Prince of Wales piers. As you enter the Tidal Harbour, switch to VHF Channel 80 to communicate with Dover Marina staff, who will arrange a berth allocation. Alternatively, you can choose to proceed direct to the Marina Reception pontoon on the Crosswall Quay. Please note that the Marina VHF Channel should only be used in the Tidal Harbour and Marina.

As a visiting craft, you are also permitted to anchor for a short time within the Outer Harbour. However, we advise that if you do this, you stay in attendance of your craft at all times.

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