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Yacht Thief sentenced to 19 Months

Tuesday March 22nd, 2016

Non-sailor sentenced to 19 months

Cathal Mathew, 29 “impulsively” stole the yacht Tradewinds and headed out in the North Sea in a force 8 gale. About 35 miles east of Wick in Caithness he set of a flare which was seen by the Captain oil field standby vessel. A rib was sent to take him off the yacht which was subsequently abandoned, eventually running aground on the island of Auskerry east of Orkney. The yacht was badly damaged and no longer seaworthy. Mathew was also charged with the theft of a £17,000 car, which precededtheft of the yacht.

The owner of the yacht didn’t receive any compensation and was quoted as saying:

“We worked hard to pay for it. All our savings ended up going into getting it back to sea and he steals it."


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