Thursday March 26th, 2009
ImageA 64-year-old qualified yachtmaster has been murdered in Thailand aboard his own boat. His throat was slit and his body was thrown overboard. Then his wife was taken hostage and forced to sail the boat for hours before the three Burmese intruders fled in a life dinghy.
The incident occurred on Monday, off Satun, where Malcolm and Linda Robertson were fulfilling a life-time dream of spending the winter sailing together. Mrs Robertson is also a qualified yacht master. Reports say that Thai police have arrested tree men in connection with the murder. Mr Robertson’s body has yet to be found.
According to Mrs Robertsons, brother, who spoke to her by telephone on Tuesday 'She heard people coming on board the boat and called out to Malcolm to let him know that someone was coming in… Malcolm must have come up and spoken to them because she heard him - there was a confrontation and then she heard him say 'get off the boat, get off the boat… There was a bit more kerfuffle and nothing else was said, and it all went very quiet.'
Apparently the men then entered her cabin and tied her up before dragging her to the deck where they made her sail the yacht. Mr Clee added, 'As she came out of her cabin she said it was a nightmare - there was just blood everywhere… She knew then that something awful had happened to Malcolm and she said then that she knew he was dead.'
According to a Foreign Office report 'We can confirm that a British couple were attacked whilst sailing of the coast of Satun, southern Thailand last night… Our consular team in Bangkok are in touch with the next of kin and are providing consular assistance to those involved… We are urgently pursuing this case with local police who are investigating the incident. We understand that the Thai police have now arrested three suspects… One British national has been reported missing and one British national is in hospital.'
The couple’s four children are all travelling to Thailand to support Mrs Robertson.
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