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Sunday December 14th, 2008
ImageItís hard to believe that Christmas is already here. 2008 must have been the quickest year ever. No honestly, donít you think life is speeding up? Maybe we just wish too much time away in order to concentrate on the good times. Maybe itís a scientific phenomenon and time is actually physically accelerating. Maybe itís a conspiracy formulated by Time Lords attempting to rush us towards a significant event in future history that will change the course of humanity for the better. Maybe Iím just getting older and time is relative to age. Or maybe itís just the pace of 21st century living.

Whatever the truth I think itís about time to drop the anchor and start appreciating life at a more civilised rate of knots. Well the crew at Harbour Guides reckon they may well have found the ideal means of setting sail in the new year at a decidedly less hectic, more appreciative way of life. A weekend break. A free weekend in fact. So the lucky winner of Decemberís competition will be heading to the beautiful county of Ayrshire to spend two nights of R & R in the picturesque town of Troon.

Yes, enter the latest Harbour Guides competition and you could be heading north of the border in 2009 to spend two nights at the delightful South Beach Hotel in Scotlandís golfing capital. Thatís a weekend spent in one of the best-situated hotels in the UK. Imaging waking up to spectacular views of wide sandy beaches and open sea with the Isle of Arran perched high on the horizon. Imagine spending the day wandering aimlessly through the truly magnificent local countryside or along the stunning coastline.

Imagine returning to your hotel in the evening to a genuinely warm welcome, cosying up in a beautifully furnished en-suite bedroom or enjoying South Beachís legendary hospitality to the full in the bar or restaurant.

OK. Are you there? Now stop imagining; go to the Harbour Guides competition page and enter for FREE. You could end up with a post-Christmas present that introduces you to a new, more fulfilling and less hectic way of life. Remember, youíve gotta be inÖ and all that!

The South Beach Hotel competition will run until the end of January 2009. The Harbour Guides Crew wish all our entrants the very best of luck.
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