Monday November 3rd, 2008
ImageAs Harbour Guides goes from strength to strength throughout England Ireland and Wales, we’re proud to announce that, as of today, we will be offering our services in Scotland. With a team of professional representatives already in place north of the border our aim is to boost Scotland’s profile as a major destination for pleasure boat enthusiasts across Europe. There is nowhere quite like Scotland. A melting pot of history and culture set amidst simply stunning landscapes you can set sail from a storybook village after breakfast and be surrounded by breathtaking wilderness before lunchtime.

The ‘Yachtsman’s Free Bible’ is determined to become the number one on-line portal for anyone keen to explore and experience this most enchanting part of the world. From the spectacular coastlines and outlying islands to the magnificent Highlands and the lochs, Harbour Guides will be bringing you the stuff of legends. We will strive to supply as much essential and useful marine based and local information as you will need on your Scottish adventure thus ensuring your voyages back in time are safe, carefree and, most importantly, fun.

Our aim is to be as comprehensive as possible, so if you know of anything that might be of interest to us or helpful to our users please feel free to email us. After all, the more information we have the better service we can provide and it’s often those little details that count the most. In the meantime we hope to meet as many of you as we can along the way and look forward to welcoming you aboard.
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