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Saturday January 7th, 2012
Well 2012 has finally arrived and a lot of people and businesses are happy to wave it goodbye. Let’s be honest for most 2011 was pretty tough, but we feel that the worst is now over, so let us all be optimistic and realistic about 2012. Firstly if you have survived the last few years of this depression and are still in business or employment, well done you have applied the right strategy and maybe had a little luck on your side. For those who haven’t, you too may have had the right strategy but without that little bit of luck needed. The point I am trying to make is that some businesses closures are sometimes due to circumstances that cannot be predicted.

So 2012 is a new start and the Harbourguides Crew are looking forward to it. We have survived and in fact prospered in 2011 we have so much planned for this year and we will keep you updated on our “Site News” section on our home page.
One of our aims this year is to help all of our advertisers and sponsors reach out to their potential customers/clientele etc via the Harbourguides portal. We also want more and more businesses to advertise with us and as always all profits will be reinvested into the company. If you do advertise with us please do a reciprocal link back to us, if everyone did this we would be able to offer more exposure to the companies.

All in all we want you all to have a successful 2012 and beyond, and hope to welcome more and more businesses aboard the Harbourguides site. So on behalf of all the Harbourguides Crew lets have a fantastic 2012 and beyond.
Harbourguides Crew
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13/02/2012 @ 11:44 am
Our church is planning a day trip to Glaston Docks on 15th July I have scanned the web site but you do not appear to have a brochure. If you do have one please can you send me one to 27 Dawsons Corner Stanningley
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