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Vendee Globe News LE CAM CAPSIZES

Monday January 12th, 2009

There have been more dramatic events in the Vendee Globe when third place skipper Jean le Cam capsized on Tuesday day about 200miles west of Cape Horn. The incident occurred whilst he was on the phone to Vincent Riou saying he thought his boat, IMOCA 60 VM Matériaux was dismasted and that the mast was at a 30° angle. The phone suddenly went dead and Riou realised the worst had happened so immediately began speeding towards the distressed yacht.

On arrival he saw the boat was upside down and waited. Armel Le Cléac'h arrived at the scene an hour later and both skippers circled the IMOCA 60 VM Matériaux. When Le Cam eventually emerged Riou threw a rope three times but Le Cam failed to reach it. He then moved closer damaging his own boat in the process but was successful at throwing the line to the capsized skipper and pulled him in on the winch. A tanker also responding to the distress call was unable to assist Riou.

'Jean Le Cam is doing fine, after what was probably a very difficult experience. A few hours ago the rescue wasn't certain. Le Cam's boat was partly filled with water, so he was in the bow'. Said Vincent Riou

Armel Le Cléac'h added. 'It's a great relief as it's been a highly emotional time. The main thing is that it has ended happily except for the damage to PRB.'
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