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Vendee Globe News (Race Start)

Sunday November 9th, 2008
ImageSo it begins.The Vendee Globe. The most challenging race in the world. A testament to man’s survival through adventurous spirit. 30 individuals hell bent on doing something life threateningly challenging and awe inspiring.
And the prize money doesn’t even cover a fraction of the cost to enter.
Because they can,because they’re bloody fearless and because this is the Vendee Globe!
Steve White for instance. Underdog. had very few backers. He’s in there. Thanks to mysterious eleventh hour sponsors.
Steve is willing to lay his life on the line to achieve this. Better than that he has renamed his boat after ‘wish-you-well’ charity, Toe In The Water. They are giving nothing towards his voyage except their name. And rightly so. Toe In The Water have only been around since spring this year and are already doing brilliant stuff for our recent ex servicemen. They are an admirable cause. Check them out.
Meantime all the Harbourguides crew wish all 30 of the Vendee Globe entrants safe and fulfilling voyages. We promise to keep an eye on you.
Vendee Globe - monitor progress
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