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Tuesday November 11th, 2008
ImageVendee Go!

A record crowd showed up to see off the intrepid Vendee Globe contestants. 300,000 well-wishers assembled at Le Sable d’Olonne on Sunday to wave farewell to 30 of the bravest mariners in the world. With 25,000 miles and counting ahead of them it is the ultimate ‘anything can happen’ challenge. This year sees seven British skippers in the running including world record breaker Dee Caffri and former vendee Globe casualty Alex Thomson.

Possibly the most inspiring UK entrant is, of course, Steve White, father of four, ex mechanic and former Global Challenge training Skipper, who re-mortgaged his house three times to ensure his yacht, Toe in the Water, would be totally event-worthy. He remains an underdog. Most of the boats are fully equipped with state of the art satellite, computer and communications technology. Steve, a true adventurer has received only the bare minimum of sponsorship (from un-named backers) and has taken the challenge in support of a charity. There are still a few things that can make us proud to be British.

As the boats head towards the Doldrums on their way towards the Cape of Good Hope the Harbourguides Crew wish them all well.
To follow the progress of the entrants please click the link below
Vendee Globe - monitor progress
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