Wednesday April 8th, 2015
We just had this comment from someone called Mojave who has just visited Calais marina. Thought we would share his information, as it could come in handy for anyone else visiting, thanks Mojave.

Visited on Sat 05.04.15, as enter harbour stick to right side to keep out ferries way, big sign on wall directing yachts to right as enter harbour. Observe traffic signals. Calais Port controll are vhf ch 17. Mooring buoys outside the lock gate to wait, as the swing bridge prevents entry until traffic stops and bridge opens for only a few minutes to allow boat access to marina. Sound horn 4 times if you are only boat waiting alerts them you are waiting. First opening is high tide minus -2 hrs, then -1, then at high tide. Then +1, then +2hrs, last opening +3 hrs after high tide. Check on internet at http://www.cote-dopale.com/tourisme/ouverture-du-pont-henri-h2non-de-calais for exact times. Toilets/showers very nice, and clean, and warm inside from great radiators (it was April brrrr!). For an 8 metre boat was around 22 euros, for one night. Yacht club for a drink no food in april, but town is but a short walk with lots of restaurants/patisseries. Pool table in the club, the local French patrons challenged us to games of pool for drinks. Enjoyable evening. Best moorings are outside yacht club. You cant leave the marina until bridge opens again, and the lock gate is open.
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