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The Nigerian Ferry Off Guernsey Coast

Saturday November 23rd, 2019

Guernsey harbours are now working to try to find out what the ‘future intentions’ of a Nigerian registered ferry that’s been off the coast of Guernsey since 13 November.

The former passenger and vehicle ferry was travelling from Norway to Dakar, Senegal. It is now anchored in the Little Russel, the channel between Herm and Guernsey

The ferry had previously been anchored off Jersey’s east coast but moved on after being told it needed an agent to enter Jersey on 9 November.

A Guernsey Harbours' spokesman said:

The vessel indicated it had stopped its passage south due to poor weather conditions forecast along its planned route.

Whilst the ship has sought permission to berth alongside and to possibly extend its stay. Guernsey Harbours is unable to accommodate the vessel, as we have no suitable berths available that would not disrupt port operations.

Guernsey Harbours is seeking further clarification on the vessel's future intentions, and remains in regular contact with the crew.


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