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Southampton Water proposed speed limit

Tuesday March 8th, 2016

Is there going to be a Southampton Water proposed speed limit?

IN May 2015, a Vector V40R raceboat crashed into a marker buoy in Southampton Water. At the time, the vessel was travelling at a speed of 87 knots. The skipper, Peter Dredge mistook an unmarked fishing pot for a diver’s marker and turned the vessel hard to starboard resulting in the vessel flipping over. An inquiry by The Marine Accident Investigation Branch concluded that a crash would have been less likely had there been an enforceable speed limit, also if the crew had informed the Harbour Authority of their propose test run and also if the fishing pot had been marked properly in accordance with the regulations.

Peter Dredge whose son was badly injured in the accident does not agree with the report and issued a statement through his Warsash-based boat building firm Vector World, 

“Following the publication of the report of the Marine Accident Investigation Branch on last year’s Vector V40R accident, Vector is currently taking legal advice regarding the information contained in this document.

“As this is a legal matter, it is not appropriate for us to make any further comments.”


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