Sunday May 24th, 2009
ImageThings got more than a little out of hand and out of head for a fifty year old boozer in Andover, Hampshire when he was refused alcohol at his local Tesco Superstore. Having been turned away at the checkout because he was already pie-eyed the chap proceeded towards the car park and climbed into a silver Rolls Royce. The store manager approached him but no amount of persuasion could make him leave the car.
In his wildest dreams the manager could not have predicted what happened next. The disgruntled shopper started the engine floored the luxury saloon and headed straight towards the shop window by the checkouts. He hit the glass front but didn’t manage to break into the shop. But he wasn’t giving up that easily, so he backed up hit the accelerator again and ploughed through the window crashing headlong into two check-outs as staff and customers scattered in panic.
According to a Tesco worker, 'After the manager came back inside the motorist drove the car at some speed at a window at the cafe end of the store, near the check outs. People were terrified… He didn't get through the first time so he reversed back - there's quite a long, clear run down to the window there so it's possible to get up some speed… At the second attempt he went straight through the plate glass window, crashed into the shop and demolished two or three check outs and bits of the roof fell down.”
The emergency services arrived at 4.30 and evacuated the store. Six women were treated in hospital for minor injuries and, according to a police statement, 'A 50-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and attempted murder.'
Should have gone to Bargain Booze mate!
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