Thursday April 9th, 2009
ImageIn a story that could well be lifted from the pages of classic children’s literature a family pet has become a bona fide (or bony Fido as she ended up) Robinson Crusoe. Castaway on a remote Australian island this sturdiest of canine queens survived alone only to be re-united with the doting couple who thought she had been lost at sea four months later.
Sophie Tucker who was named after the legendary US entertainer was washed overboard last November whilst her owners Jan and Dave Griffith struggled through a storm in waters off Queensland. The Australian Cattle Dog then swam five nautical miles through shark-infested waters before washing up on the coast of St. Bees, where she survived by hunting and eating baby goats until she was discovered by visiting rangers.
'She was a house dog and look what she's done, she has swum over five nautical miles, she has managed to live off the land all on her own.” Said Jan. “We wish she could talk, we truly do.'
The rangers initially thought Sophie Tucker was wild but they were contacted by the couple and she was taken to the mainland for an emotional reunion.
'She was seen on St Bees looking pretty poor and then all of a sudden she started to look good and that was when they discovered she was eating baby goats… She had become quite wild and vicious. She wouldn't let anyone go near her or touch her. She wouldn't take food from anyone… We called the dog and she started whimpering and banging the cage and when they let her out she just about flattened us.' Said Jan.
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