Saturday April 25th, 2020

Everyone here at Harbourguides hopes that you are keeping well and making the most of the enforced but necessary restrictions on our daily life. Frustrating though it has been, we hope that it will mean an earlier return to a more normal situation and a safer environment for us all. 

Of course, for many of you, these will be understandably difficult times when it comes to business. There are still question marks over when people can journey freely once more and visit the many locations and wonderful restaurants, hotels and service providers that rely so much on tourism. But the signs for the future are actually very encouraging! 

During this lockdown period, we have seen a massive increase in visitors to the site, and that must surely mean that people are looking ahead to when restrictions are lifted and they can get back out on the water and visit the places they love. With people already making tentative plans, we think you should be doing just the same to raise your profile.

Now is a great time to start thinking about how you can promote your business to the first wave of potential post-lockdown customers. What tempting offers can you come up with? What ‘back open for business’ offers can you use to lure visitors to you instead of your competitors? Now is the time to get these ready and featured on the Harbourguides site. A little time in doing this now could translate into some much welcome business in the coming months. Remember, it’s going to be very competitive when restrictions are lifted and everyone will be looking to make up for many weeks of lost business, so make sure you have every angle covered.

One possibility to bear in mind is that many of the first wave of post-lockdown customers may be reluctant of booking flights and may instead choose travelling to coastal and island locations via pleasure craft instead. These visitors are tailor made for Harbourguides.

If you are an existing Harbourguides advertiser and you have been revamping your facilities during the lockdown, send us some photos and update your information. Maybe enhance your current advert to gain extra exposure (We will do this for free for existing advertisers)...or if you want some advice on how to reach out even more through our site, just get in touch with our friendly crew and we’ll make some suggestions.

We’ve certainly not been sitting back and twiddling our thumbs here at Harbourguides HQ. We’ve been looking at many different ways to develop our site even more. Not only are we working hard to update existing client adverts and features but we are looking at ways to create a true one stop shop for boat owners. Just imagine being able to pre-book and pay for all your journey needs via our website – from booking a berth right through to a table for two in your favourite restaurant. Sound good? Watch this space!

On a final note, this will all be over soon and there will be a LOT of people looking to escape their home, let their hair down and enjoy some freedom. We’ll do our best to make sure they spend some of that freedom with you! Take care and stay safe.

Promo Video: https://youtu.be/XddtfC_SBoo

Hope to see you soon

The Harbourguides Crew

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28/04/2020 @ 2:33 pm
Beryl and Jim
Good positive news. A change from the medias perception.
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