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Saturday November 9th, 2013
ImageOcean Signal have come up with an absolute gem of a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) The rescueME PLB1. The thing that stands out about this model is its size, or rather lack of its size.

It weighs a mere 116 Grams, thatís just a tad over 4oz, and measures 3 inches in height (77mm) 2 inches in width (51 mm) and 1.3 inches (32.5mm) in depth, making it considerably smaller than other PLBs.

For those who are not familiar with or donít know the uses of Personal Locator Beacons, they are a portable transmitter that will send out a distress signal to the rescue services, notifying them of your position and your personal data, and will do this anywhere in the world, no need for mobile phone signals, these will work in the middle of any ocean.

This makes them a vital piece of kit for any sailor, backpacker, hiker, skier etc. and to have all this in such a small device makes it a must have item for the adventurous.

Quite often the time to activate a PLB is one of extreme stress or dramatic circumstances, so they have to deployed easily, the rescueME PLB1 is designed to be activated one handed. When deployed the rescueME PLB1 transmit your position from its GPS using the 406MHz search and rescue Cospas-Sarsat satellite communication system, also transmitting a homing beacon sent to rescue helicopters for at least a 24 hour period. In addition to this it has a strobe light to help with sighting.

So if you are looking for ideas for a Christmas present this year for an adventurous loved one, you could do far worse than buy them this incredible piece of kit, it could save their life one day, and at less than £300 itís a snip.
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