Sunday November 1st, 2009
ImageThe countdown has truly begun. Christmas displays are muscling in on the high street and those jolly old jangle jangle standards are echoing through every TV advert. The western world seems obsessed on selling us a disposable lifestyle and their disposable products. Itís annoying isnít it? In a world where time is so precious, consumerism appears to want us to wish it away as we hurtle towards that obscenely eco unfriendly bonanza they ironically call Ďthe season of good willí.
At Harbour Guides we recognise that time is not something one should waste and certainly not something to be wished away. So this month weíre offering a prize that will not only help one lucky winner keep an eye on the time it will also remind them of how precious this world is.
The prize for November is one of those fantastic recycled Time and Tide Clocks. Each one is made from a bin liner full of recycled vending machine cups and looks and feels like natural slate. The bonus is that the manufacture of these nifty little numbers actually used around half the CO2 that it would to make from virgin material. They usually retail at around £35 so even if you donít win they make a nice gift for a sailing pal.
Head over to the competitions page to take part.
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