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Marine Wifi Antenna from Digital Yacht

Friday August 21st, 2015

Digital Yacht have just launched their new Wifi antenna. The WL70 replaces the previous popular WL60, and will enable users to access long range Wifi on board.

It’s becoming more and more important for people to be online now, and boaters are no different. The problem is although most marinas offer Wifi, it’s quite often out of reach or very week, depending on your mooring in the marina. And of course, if you are at anchor or sailing, the chances of getting a signal are slim.

Now with so many marinas, bars, restaurants hotels etc. offering Wifi, the antenna will pick up the weakest of signals for up to half a mile away. The aerial can be permanently fitted or moved about, and the modem connects to your device via a simple USB interface.

There are other Wifi antennas on the market. The Harbourguides crew tried and tested the excellent “Wi-Fi Bat” from Mailasail, and really rate it, so much so that a few of the crew members’ friends have bought them. We have not tried and tested the WL70 as yet. It comes in at a very competitive price of around £125 plus VAT. If you have purchased one please let us know how it performed.


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