Monday March 23rd, 2009

Beleaguered, teenaged sailing fanatic and record breaker, Mike Perham, is back in the nautical saddle as he continues his attempt to become the youngest person to sail single-handed around the world. He is now crossing the Southern Ocean towards Australia where he encountered some particularly wet weather last week. He’s still managed to sail around 260nm a day though.

'It seems like there's no end to this very grey, very murky world that has suddenly descended upon me; sometimes the mist thickens, massively reducing visibility, and it's always damp. The deck hasn't been fully dry since I left Cape Town. I have to be careful to keep my clothes as dry as possible as once they're wet it's near impossible to dry them out.” said Mike who turned 17 on 16th March.

Fortunately conditions have changed for the better and Mike has been able to lick back and get up close and personal with nature and personal hygiene.

“This morning whilst adjusting the sails I glanced across the ocean and gasped in surprise - just ten metres away was a seal! He seemed to be taking it easy, just lounging about quite contentedly. I didn't expect to see a seal all the way out here; I have no idea if this is a normal or exceptional place to find a seal… I was sitting on deck just before it got dark, as I often do, and was just taking everything in - enjoying the moment really thinking of just how far Totallymoney.com and I have come. I've definitely formed quite a bond with this girl and I'm able to totally read and hear her when she’s trying to tell me something; for example whenever there’s a really odd noise I'll always investigate it…

“The sun was out today once again and I took the opportunity of the extra warmth to have a good wash of my hair and a sponge down, which was most welcome. That, combined with a new clean set of clothes left me feeling really, really refreshed.”
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