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Wednesday April 22nd, 2009

Brit Teenager Mike Perham is currently weighing up his options as whether to sail round Cape Horn or make his record circumnavigation bid via the Panama Canal.

Peter Perham Mikes father had this to say about the situation, 'Is Mike going around Cape Horn or through the Panama Canal? Well, as we don't have to make a final decision until he is half way across the Pacific side of the Southern Ocean, we are going to keep our options open. However, I can assure you, he will only be going around the Horn if a really good weather window opens up as this would be preferable to the likely lack of wind that Mike will have to endure as he approaches the canal. I am told some people have been stuck for weeks! And then he could be knocking on the door of the Caribbean hurricane season.

In a previous statement Peter wrote, 'We continually take advice as to the time of year Mike will be rounding the Horn. This is constantly under review. However, the local knowledge tells me that the good thing about going 'late' is that the weather systems are much more predictable than in the summer. Yes, the wind strengths and sea states are a bit bigger, but with more notice of patterns this can be a big advantage, especially as Mike can generally dodge the worst.

Mike is once again stopped and his boat is being repaired in Hobart following damage to the rudder. The parts are being flown in and Mike should be back in the water this weekend.
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