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Wednesday October 28th, 2015

Well its Wednesday, halfway through the working week. It will soon be weekend, so here are some jokes the Harbourguides crew have come up with to keep you going. We know they are a bit corney, but if it makes at least one of you smile it will be worth it.

What's a foot long, made of leather and sounds like a sneeze?

A shoe.

A man goes into a library and asks the librarian where she keeps the books on conspiracy theories.

"They're right behind you," she says.

"Knock knock."

"Who's there?"

"It's the undertaker, sir... Good job I checked."

The best thing about the 5p plastic bag fee is that the cupboard next to my sink is now worth £655.85.

My wife said she's leaving me because I think I'm a supermarket cashier...

I said, "Would you like help with your packing."

Happy Wednesday evewrybody!!

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