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Sunday March 1st, 2015
ImageOur March competition is now ready to enter, and what a great prize we have this month. we are giving away two ready-to-plant grape vines impressively gift wrapped that make a perfect gift for wine lovers who might like to own a vineyard in their back garden, or in large pots for those who donít have a garden.

We have specially chosen this pair of grape vines (one red, one white) knowing they will thrive in our fickle British climate and produce a harvest of delicious grapes within a couple of years, we include full care and cultivation instructions so the lucky recipient of the grapevine gift set knows exactly what to do with their harvest of grapes and how best to care for and how to plant their vines.

So, why not have a go, you never know your luck!
Head over to the competitions page to take part
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