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Lux Interior of The Cramps Dies

Thursday February 5th, 2009
They may not have been to everyone’s taste but there is no denying that The Cramps, chiselled a groove in rock n roll’s underbelly that ran so deep that they touched people who hadn’t even heard of them. Today I heard the very sad news that The Cramps founder member and singer, Lux Interior has died at Glendale Memorial Hospital in California aged 62 from a previously existing heart condition.
Formed in 1973 The Cramps were the complete antithesis of seventies rock. They embraced rockabilly, B-Movies, surf music and fetishism, channelling it into probably the most distinctive sound of the decade. When punk rock hit big time in the mid seventies, The Cramps found a musical cousin and became a staple of the US punk scene. Europe was quick to follow and The Cramps were soon touring the UK with the likes of The Clash. There first three albums, Gravest Hits, Songs The Lord Taught Us and Psychedellic Jungle are regarded as bona fide rock n roll classics. Their influence can be heard in popular music even today – the White Stripes, My Bloody Valentine and The Horrors to name a few of the bands who name-check them.
My thoughts are with his wife, co-Cramp and best friend for nearly 40 years, Poison Ivy.
Personally The Cramps are my all-time favourite band. Lux Interior was possibly my biggest musical influence. I have seen them live several times and will mourn the passing of the man who, for me, inherited Elvis Presley’s thrown. The King is Dead. Long may he live in the heart of rock n roll.
Tribute by Richard King a Harbourguides Crew Member
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