Wednesday March 4th, 2009
ImagePlans to build one of the most unusual restaurant/tourist attractions in the UK have been unveiled by Gateshead, restaurant owner Parviz Alizadeh (Ali to his friends), who has come up with an idea for a ‘bubble boat’. The giant floating transparent sphere will be able to carry up to 250 people and will be used as a tourist attraction during the day then become a restaurant and club at night.

‘Bubble on the Tyne’ will cost somewhere in the region of £4million and will be powered by 3 propellers and be able to anchor itself to the riverbed with telescopic legs. When asked what inspired him to dream up such a bizarre vessel, Ali had this to say, 'I was looking out over the Tyne when the idea came to me… It may seem unbelievable to some, but after drawing up plans with designers, architects and engineers and working out the maths - it is completely feasible and potentially one of the most exciting additions to the area in years!”

The Bubble will be moored on Gateshead quayside next to Ali’s La Riviera restaurant and will boarded via a transparent tube

'This will be a space for people from the North East and further a field to enjoy.” Said Ali, 'The Tyne itself is widely unused by the general public so here we have the perfect solution to carry on the innovation of the area, while presenting a unique and memorable piece of architecture which is sure to draw people in from afar… 'I hope that the Bubble on the Tyne will become as loved by people in the North East as the Angel of the North, The Sage and The Baltic… Without great ideas, we would not have so many of the amazing things we experience everyday.”

The Bubble will be totally multifunctional and available for ceremonies, meetings, art exhibitions etc. 'Our next stage of the development is to gain sponsors in order to move the project to the next level and we are pleased to see that the interest in it is already showing signs that it will become a reality.' Said Ali.

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