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Saturday December 13th, 2008
ImageThe Royal Navy has just taken delivery of an early Christmas present that’s taken eight years to construct and cost around a £1 billion and can quite literally blow you out of the water. This week HMS Daring, the first of six type 45 air-defence destroyers, was handed over to the Navy at a ceremony on the Clyde where it was built.

One of the world’s most advanced warships the vessel is able to target an incoming missile the size of a golf ball travelling three times the speed of sound from 30miles away. With its unique electro-propulsion system, HMS Daring is the most eco friendly ship ever produced for the Royal Navy and can sail to from the UK to New York and back without refuelling.

It is also the most powerful front-line warship since WW2 with the capability to strike state-of-the art ‘intelligent’ anti-ship missiles travelling at speeds of up to Mach 4. The ship’s 30metre high Samson radar can track over 1,000 targets at once and is so powerful it can monitor all arrivals and departures from every major European airport within a 200mile radius.

Ship’s captain, Paul Bennett said of the handover. 'As commanding officer of Daring, it is an absolute privilege to be the first captain of a ship in the Type 45 fleet… Daring is a great example of our 21st century Royal Navy.'

Weighing in at 7,300tonnes, standing as tall of Nelson’s column and employing over four hundred miles of power cables, HMS Daring is nothing short of impressive. Crewmembers maintain that if it was anchored in the Thames the weapon system could completely wipeout any incoming airborne attack on Greater London.

HMS Daring will spend the next few weeks in Scotland before sailing to Portsmouth in January where it will be stationed. Unfortunately because of a cost cutting package due to be announced by the Defence Secretary, it now looks like the Navy’s ultimate war machine will be spending several years at its new base before being able to defend the major aircraft carriers it was built to support. Rule bloody Britannia!!!
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