Monday November 11th, 2013
ImageWar hero Harold Jellicoe Percival got the send-off he deserved today.Lytham Park Crematorium was packed with over a thousand mourners who had come to say farewell to the 99 year old bachelor.

Harold has touched the hearts of everyone as he died in Alistre Lodge Nursing and Care Home in Lytham St Annes with no friends or family around him. He had no children and never married.

Harold was involved with Dambuster raids during the Second World War. The RAF association stepped in to make sure that Harold’s funeral was going to be well attended. And then a campaign on social network sites ensured that hoards of people from Lytham came to say farewell to the war veteran.

The Leyland RAF secretary David Boothman said: 'We normally do try and make a showing at these times, it is important that we remember people like Harold - they are part of us.'

Despite the bad weather the turn out surpassed expectations. Harbourguides crew member Steve Mallinson who attended the funeral said:
“It really was a fantastic send off for the old boy, It’s such a pity he couldn’t see the amount of people who have come to pay their respects, it was also a great showing from so many local people, the Lytham residents and the RAF made sure he had the send-off he so much deserved”.

The local public house “The County” has put on a special ale in memory of Harold, they are calling it “Jar of Jellicoe”
We’ll drink to that.
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12/11/2013 @ 4:52 pm
Alan James Thompson
After seeing all the media coverage of Harold Jellicoe Percival's funeral I decided I must make the journey from Altrincham to Lytham St Annes to be there. It was an incredible experience to witness the amount of people who had never met this man, but chose to show up in the rain and pay their respects.
Two things though.
1. I did feel for the family of the person's funerals that took place both immediately before and after Harold's. Although the thousands of people who attended were extremely respectful, it must have been difficult for them.
2. If more people had known when Harold was alive that he didn't have any family in the area, maybe some would have come to see him in his latter years. this isn't a criticism, but just a thought. There may be other people out there in similar situations that would like a visit from somebody. I am sure the stories they could tell would be fascinating.
A J Thompson.
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