Monday January 19th, 2009
ImageDirty washing drove 42 year old Tracey Fox to desperate measures, almost landing her in hot water. After making four calls about the faulty washing machine she had purchased from Curry’s only 10 months earlier they agreed to send out an engineer. Then they decided not to. 'The company had already cancelled on me four days earlier and I was already annoyed about that. It broke early December, but they told me that I would have to wait until after Christmas.” Said the Geordie have-a-go-heroin. With clean clothes in desperately short supply Tracey made her fifth and final call to the electrical goods retailer and an engineer finally turned up on 13th December. The Curry’s agent inspected the defective washer and found a 2 pence piece trapped somewhere inside the mechanism. He claimed the offending low-value coin of the realm was the cause of the problem. However, on further inspection Tracey discovered the machine still wasn’t working.
'He said that I'd have to pay for any repairs, even though the machine was still under warranty, and I might as well get a new one because the amount it would cost to fix it would be the same as buying another one.” Said the laundry-besieged grandmother of two. 'Then he was going to leave and that's when I lost it. I told him he'd have to dial 999 because there was no way I was letting him out until it was fixed.” She formed a one women human barricade against the kitchen door and refused to let the half-baked technician leave. Tracey told the kidnapped repairman he would have to call 999 if he wanted to get out of her house without fixing the washer. She had three weeks worth of dirty washing to do before Christmas and it was going to get done one way or another. 'I'm not proud of my actions, but I felt there was no other option.” Stated the usually laid back and pristine wife of 44year old Terry.
The police were called to the scene but took no further action. Curry’s have since offered Tracey a new washing machine and said they have launched an investigation into the incident but would not comment any further.
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