Saturday January 31st, 2009
ImageIt seems like an eternity since our last competition began. So to make up for stretching it out for two months the Harbour Guides Captain has kindly knocked a few days off the end of month to bring forward the winning date to Saturday 28th February. That way March will start earlier and the next competition will be in full swing before you know it.

The theme for February’s competition is in keeping with this season of change. As winter draws to a close and the days get longer we in the UK become increasingly obsessed with the weather… as if we’re not already mad for it. Everyday we wish for the temperature to rise and the days to warm up. So this month we decided to make things that little bit easier.

The prize is a splendid barometer a fantastic instrument that allows you to check out the weather without the aid of radio, TV or newspaper or even looking out of the window. This magical device is simplicity itself just hang it near a door and give it a gentle tap when you pass and hey presto you’ll be transformed instantly into a meteorologist.

And what a device we have chosen for our lucky winner. THE 3 INCH SOLID BRASS PORTHOLE BAROMETER is a stylish beautifully crafted piece of wall decoration. Created by boating equipment world leaders Plastimo the quality to the engineering is beyond question and retails at £46.99.

So get those thinking caps on and have a go at winning something that could quite possibly take the guesswork out of the weather for the rest of your life.
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