Friday February 5th, 2010
Welcome to our monthly newsletter. Firstly, as always, the Harbour Guides Crew would like to thank everyone who has come on board recently and made our crew members feel welcome during their travels. Now we are at the end of our winter break itís all hands on deck as we sail into 2010 with the wind behind us.

And to kick start it all we have some new additions to the web site including a promotional video shot aboard the Harbour Guides yacht which is currently being kitted out in preparation for our ventures in Europe. We already have interested parties waiting to start work in Spain and we are confident of a bigger brighter future. We intend to use the video to widen Harbour Guides profile over the coming months.

Also we have now introduced Kiddies Corner, in line with our endeavours to become increasingly family friendly and expand on the travel guide aspect of the site. This has been heralded by the arrival of the popular childrenís book character Colin the Coastguard (Kittiwake Books) to our front page. We have plans to develop Kiddies Corner as we move along. Any suggestions are most welcome.

As usual we are looking for reciprocal links to help expand awareness and in return increase hits on our sponsorís web sites. Our readership is still swelling at a rate of knots and things can only get better as we move into warmer climes.

Best wishes to you all and thank you for your continued support.

The Harbour Guides Crew
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