Thursday November 27th, 2008
ImageThe Sail, Power and Watersports Show has gone ahead at Earls Court, despite worries about the credit crunch and its ramifications. Managing director of the show, James Brooke has stated that he is confident it is the right move. The Show exhibitors have supported his claim and have been quick to respond to the advantages of reduced VAT.

Spokesman for E.P. Barruss, Mike Williams has been quoted as saying. ďAny small advantage to making a sale in the current climate is welcome.'

Whilst Gary Pierce of Gibbs Marine said 'Every little helps. With high value products 2.5% is a great saving, making this an even better time to buy.'

Centred round the massive exhibition pool at Earls Court, which was opened in 1937 by none other that Tarzan himself, Johnny Weismuller, James Brooke believes 2008 is the best ever show.

'We have a really great show lined up for the visitors. The amazing collection of boats and general watersports kit for people to see is astonishing and it's all under one roof in central London. It's been really exciting watching the show emerge from nothing as Earls Court has turned from a massive empty space into a thriving maritime scene over the past few days.'

But the highlight of the exhibition has to be the 60ft Whale with its interactive Pinocchio walk through tour. The whale was caught by Norwegian fishermen in the 1950s and is expected to be a huge draw for the event.

The show was opened on 25th November by ITV newsreader Katy Derham along with personalities from the world of sailing and watersports. It will run until Sunday 30th November and opens at 10am each day.
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