Saturday January 17th, 2009
With the end of the Harbour Guides annual winter sabbatical in sight itís time for a reminder that you can still enter the latest competition. The crew will be setting sail once again next week and supplying readers with regular daily updates, trivia, news items etc. And the competition runs until 31st January, so if you havenít already had a go you may as well go for it.

There are two nights in the lovely town of Troon up for grabs. Thatís a weekend in the very heart of Scotlandís most beautiful area. Ayrshire is picture perfect highlands and filled with countless amazing, natural treasures. Whether you crave adventure, culture, excitement or just relaxation itís the place to visit. The lucky winner will be staying at the luxurious South Beach Hotel, which boasts the reputation as one of the countryís best-located hotels. An ideal break for golf and sailing enthusiasts alike, visitors to Troon are spoilt for choice in both categories. Needless to say outdoor enthusiasts will be in their element.

So come on and get with the lucky programme. And remember even if you donít win but you get the question correct thereís a chance you might win our top scorers draw.
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