Thursday March 19th, 2009
ImageItís a bolt out of the blue but even in these difficult financial times good things can still happen. Such is the story for Broadblue Catamarans who only last month were going into receivership. Partners Mark Elliot and Mark Jarvis managed to buy the intellectual property rights, the trade mark, brand names and tooling for the 385 and 42.

The boats will be built on Canvey Island in Essex, which has a long history of multi-hull construction and development dating back to Prout. Mark Jarvis had this to say about the reinstatement of his dream business, 'Prout catamarans have 35 million miles under their keels, so they knew what they were doingÖ I still sell loads of Prouts, but of course with their low bridge decks they are a very different beast to the modern Broadblue which points higher and is faster to windward and rarely slaps the sea with its mid-section unlike the old Prouts.'

With three 42ís already built on Canvey Island at the Hillyard yard and one incomplete still at the yard, Jarvis is optimistic, 'The one thing being overlooked in the past is that people want smaller catamarans. Manufacturers like building bigger boats as it is more cash for the same effort, but they must listen to the customer.' Meanwhile the 385 will continue to be produced in Poland whilst the, much anticipated, Broadblue 500 will have to remain on the drawing board for at least a little longer.
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