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Atlantic speed record challenge

Monday November 9th, 2015

Atlantic speed record challenged by Team Great Britain

A new powercat design headed by powerboat enthusiast Richard George is to challenge the Atlantic crossing speed record. The 112ft (34.2m) wave piercing catamaran will have a beam of 42ft (12.8m) and a one tenth scale model is currently under test in Abu Dhabi. The Atlantic crossing is to be made in two days on a single load of fuel and with an average speed of 64 mph. The current record time of two days, ten hours and 54 minutes for a non-commercial vessel was set in 1992 by the Aga Khan’s Destriero

    The record for a commercial vessel crossing is currently held by the Tasmanian company Incat Ltd using the fast passenger ferry Cat-Link V, 298ft (91m) length and with a time of two days and 20 hours and nine minutes. The desired Hales Trophy for the fastest vessel is also known as the Blue Riband.


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