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Thursday April 11th, 2013
Spring has sprung and fools rush in. It’s the season of sailing, camping and caravanning. We’re all back on the move and gearing up for the months ahead. So what can we do to make the start of the season fun that will last until next season? Call us corny but Harbourguides reckon a bit of romance and tradition is the way ahead. What could be more cosy that a bunch of candles to light up your evenings? Especially if they are perfectly safe. No fire hazard. No fumes. No need to replace them. They just keep going. OK you might need to replace the batteries but Moocher’s Emporium LED candles are possibly the best imitation candles on the market. Made from real white wax, they look and feel totally authentic. What is more they can change colour and are remote controlled. So if you want to win a set of here chunky, real wax, remote controlled, colour changing Moocher’s candles just answer the question.
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