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Monday April 2nd, 2012
Spring is here and soon so will summer, and hopefully we are going to have some clear cloudless nights, because this month’s prize is a Name a Star Gift Box This great gift enables you to name a star after someone (or name it after yourself) you receive your star co-ordinates with a certificate among the pack which also includes, Sleek Steel Presentation Box, Name a Star Introduction Letter, Personalised certificate with star name, Star co-ordinates certificate, A Stellar Star Fact Sheet, Guide to star astronomy starter pack, Night sky book and Star Chart.A great unusual gift.
Once again we were impressed by how many of you got last month’s question right,and we think this months is really difficult, again you won’t find the answer on Google, you will have to visit our website www.harbourguides.com to get the answer, or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.
Good luck everyone!
THIS IS A TOUGH ONE! (Hint: Try some old Tweets)
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