Phuket Pilot Notes & Charts

Pilot notes are meant as a general guide, or for use in conjunction with a Pilot book or chart.
Yacht Haven Marina - Phuket is situated in Laem Phrao on the Northeast coast of the island. We face the channel of water separating Phuket from the mainland. To the West of the channel is Sarasin Bridge and to the East is Phang Nga Bay. The minimum depth on approach at low tide is approximately 2.5 meters.

Approach from the West:
Only vessels with local knowledge should attempt this route due to height and depth restrictions.

Approach from the East:
* When arriving from the East, approach Koh Ngam on a bearing due West 270 degrees.
* Go past the island, keeping it on the port side until the Northern power pylon is sighted.
* Keep Koh Ngam astern and steer approximately 320 degrees towards the pylon.
* When the marina is in view, a pair of red and green buoys consistent with the IALA system (red port, green starboard on entry) guide you into our marina entrance from the North.

Approach from the East (at night):
As with any night approaches, we advise against this without good and sound local knowledge.