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Known locally as ‘Es Pla’ Mallorca’s Central Plain is also the Island’s heart. The region has an abundance of underground water which making it ideal for agriculture. The area is world famous for its vast olive and almond groves and is also the centre of Mallorca’s recently re-established wine industry. Although there is little concession to the tourist industry the area is popular with ex-pats looking for somewhere to settle that is reasonable sheltered from the coastal hustle and bustle. Mallorca’s third largest town is also located on the Central plain. The market town of Inca is best known for manufacturing high quality leather goods but is in fact a thriving vibrant community and home to some of the Island’s best restaurants. Wine enthusiast should make a point of heading to Binissalem and visiting a few bodegas. You never know you may well develop a taste for the local wine, which is now considered to be amongst the finest produced in all Spain. There are numerous market towns worth checking out including the colourful Santa Maria with its superb choice of tapas bars, Alaro with its pretty streets and lovely castle and Marratxi with its thriving pottery industry.
You are unlikely to choose Es Pla as a holiday destination but it is definitely well worth day trip. If nothing else it is a chance to experience grass roots Spain and get a fascinating insight into what really makes this wonderful island tick.
The Southern area of the Central plain is mostly rolling countryside covered by small farms, picturesque villages and market gardens. Largely unchanged for centuries it has the greatest number of old windmills in the region which are used to pump irrigation and domestic water from underground springs.
As with the Northern Central Plain the region’s main industry is agriculture with the main crops being capers, potatoes and apricots. The second most important industry is salt production in the wetlands to the south of the region. There is a small concession to tourism, mainly geared for day trippers from the coast and, to be honest, it’s well worth taking the time to explore. The countryside is breathtakingly beautiful and there are numerous pockets of cultural and historic interest throughout the area.
The main towns are Llucmajor which is an agricultural centre and market town and best known for its apricot production; Algaida is typically Mallorcan with a lovely central square surrounded by townhouses and has remained virtually untouched by tourism; Mountuiri stands on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside in an area which is characterised by windmills both derelict and renovated.
The South Central may not offer the fun and games of the majority of Mallorca but is indisputably charming. The gentle landscape is prettiness defined and towns and villages have an atmosphere of bygone days. There is plenty of fine food and hospitality to be found, but, unlike the coastal regions, it is geared towards locals and all the more refreshing for it. It is definitely worth taking a few hours to explore the region for a fascinating glimpse of traditional rural Spain.

The East Coast of Mallorca is characterised by countless small sandy coves or ‘callas’ and is a beautiful stretch of coastland. Despite a few areas of densely packed tourist developments, most of the region is protected and therefore remains unspoilt. Besides the resorts there are still several functioning traditional old fishing towns. Many of the larger beaches such as Cala Mesquida, Cala Mitjana and Cala Torta are stunning and the sea is crystal clear and ‘Blue Flag’. The main port in the area is Porto Cristo, a natural harbour and active fishing port that also provides ‘year round’ moorings for luxury cruisers. It is also far more peaceful and somewhat more sophisticated than other ports and marinas around the Island. The best known resort is probably Ca Coma, a relatively new development that boasts a super long sandy beach. A magnet for sun worshippers and water sports enthusiasts the town has an excellent choice of shops, bars and restaurants. For that get away from it all feeling you can’t go far wrong with Cala Murada. A quiet fishing village situated on an attractive rocky section of the coast it is a lovely place with limited concessions to tourism which only adds to its appeal.
Like all the regions of Mallorca, the East Coast has a personality of its very own and like all the personalities of Mallorca it is charming and very appealing indeed. More laid back than many areas but with much to offer it is the ideal destination for a quiet family holiday.

A genuinely stunning stretch of coastline the Northern region of Mallorca is where the Traumantana Mountain Range reaches its highest peaks and falls towards the sea to Cap Formentor on the north shore of Bay of Pollensa. This stunning blend of breathtaking mountain scenery and beautiful coastline is virtually untouched. As you round the northern tip of the Island you arrive at some of the region’s best known holiday destinations such as Puerto Pollensa and Puerto Alcudia both of which are favourites amongst the international yachting and pleasure boating fraternity.
The North Coast is the ideal destination for a combination sailing, outdoor pursuits and conventional beach holiday. There is also plenty to satisfy culture vultures as the area boasts some of Mallorca’s most famous ‘Old Towns’. Pollensa ‘village’ nestles at the foot of the Traumantanas and simply oozes history offering a fascinating insight into the Mallorca of bygone days. Alcucia ‘Old Town’ is set back from the port and offers a fantastic choice of good food and entertainment.
Other places worth checking out include the dramatically rocky peninsula of Cap Formentor; the picturesque ‘Old Towns’ of Campanet and Buger with their wonderful views of the mountains and surrounding countryside and Cala de Sant Vincenc with its trio of lovely little beaches, excellent restaurants and bars.
The North Coast has much to offer the adventurous visitor. History, culture, countryside, fine food, entertainment, wonderful sailing and stunning beaches. Don’t expect to get bored.

The Northeast Coast of Mallorca a plenty to recommend it to the discerning holiday maker. Even the established resorts like Cala Rajada have a definite ‘laid back’ feel about them. Despite the invasion of the Brits, Germans and French most of the area has retained a distinctly traditional identity making it a magnet for more mature visitors looking to get away from it all and enjoy a taste of true Spain.
The Northeast Coast begins at the Southeast side of The Bay of Alcudia. The area is surrounded by magnificent sand dunes and empty beaches, many of which are conservation areas. The bay is home to two small harbours, Son Serra de Marina and Colonia de Sant Pere. Son Serra is the liveliest of the two, relatively speaking whilst Clonia de Sant Pere is still a functioning fishing port. They are ideal places to moor if you fancy a relaxing time and still enjoy creature comforts.
The region’s most popular harbour for leisure boats and yachts is Cala Ratjada. The picturesque marina offers ample berths and all the marine services and facilities you would expect from a modern leisure port. The harbour is backed by an attractive promenade lined with bars, cafes and al-fresco style restaurants. Cala Ratjada is situated only a short distance from the main town and centre of Northeast Mallorca, Arta, a delightful, traditional settlement that’s becoming increasingly popular with holiday home owners and ex-pats. All in all, if you prefer a lazy laid back holiday in the sun you couldn’t go far wrong choosing Northeast Mallorca. You’ll find everything you’d expect from a Spanish holiday without the hustle and bustle of resorts geared for a younger demographic. The scenery is amongst the best you’ll find anywhere in Spain and the hospitality is always warm and traditional. Simply put - Beautiful.

They say that Mallorca is an Island of many faces but none are quite as dramatic as the magnificent Northwest Region with its pine-clad coastline and backdrop of the magnificent Traumantana Mountains. The ideal place to get away from Mallorca’s countless tourist traps, the area is steeped in local culture and tradition. It is most popular amongst outdoor enthusiasts with virtually limitless opportunities for walking and cycling amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery in Europe.
The mountains are peppered with small villages, hotels, bars and restaurants, which means you can easily combine a day of excursion and adventure with some quality r & r.
The star in the Southwest’s coastal crown is the strikingly beautiful Puerto de Soller, an idyllic fishing port surrounded by mountains. It is a favourite retreat for discerning yachtsmen looking for somewhere different from the Mallorcan norm. Sailing enthusiasts with an interest in local history and culture would be well served taking time out to drop anchor at Port de Valldemossa, a favourite spot amongst up-market ex-pats and steeped in tradition. All along the coast there are abundant wonderful sailing opportunities and always plenty to look at landward. It’s also an ideal location to moor your yacht and take the tender ashore for time out enjoying some truly divine empty beaches. For those wanting a taste of Spanish country life the Southwest region of Mallorca has it all. Scenery to die for, fascinating places on interest, superb local cuisine and hospitality second to none. And once you’ve had that first taste of the region you’re guaranteed to want to keep coming back for more.

It may be the least well-known part of Mallorca but, in truth, the South Coast is a hidden gem and boasts some of the very best beaches on the Island. The relatively undeveloped rocky headland at the Southern tip is home to Sa Colonia de Sant Jordi only a short visit from Es Trec one of Mallorca’s best known beaches. Further along the positively lovely coastline you will find the picturesque resorts of Sa Rapita, S'Estanyol and Cala Pi each possessing their own distinctive character and offering plenty to do.
It may be considered one of main resort in the region but Colonia de Sant Jordi still benefits from a remoteness that makes its beautiful coastline all the more appealing. The old marina town of Sa Rapita is the main port of call for yachts but is mainly used by locals to moor their boats and as you would expect has a distinctly authentic Spanish atmosphere.
It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but the South Coast of Mallorca is a stunningly beautiful as the rest of the Island. There is a wide variety of things to do and see and the coastline is possibly the best on the Island. For visitors looking for a Spanish holiday away from it all the region is absolutely perfect.

Strikingly different in landscape and character to the rest of Mallorca, the Southeast Coast of old, with its picturesque fishing villages, is a far cry from its 21st Century incarnation. Today the area is a major focus for the tourist industry and is defined by ‘Ibiza style’ white washed buildings, luxury coastal villas, community apartment developments and hotels. It is also one of the Island’s primary destinations for pleasure boat and yachting enthusiasts. Indeed boating is, by far, the most popular activity along this stretch of the coast.
As you would expect there are several excellent marinas, the largest of which Cala d’Or caters for leisure boats of all sizes and has marine services available that you would expect from a premier marina. The town’s myriad bars, restaurants, clubs, exceptional entertainment and recreational facilities have made this a favourite destination amongst ‘go for it’ Brits.
But it’s not all razzle-dazzle. Despite its proximity to Cala d’Or, Porto Petro has clung onto its roots and retains its fishing village character. This quiet village is the ideal location for visitors looking for something more traditional and laid back. Arguably the prettiest working fishing village in Mallorca the tiny resort of Cala Figuera has much to recommend it. From its stunning rocky inlet to the crystal clear waters, attractive fisherman’s’ town houses to cosy restaurants and friendly bars Cala Figuera is a truly magical retreat.
The main town of the Island’s Southeast coastal region is the fascinating 14th century Santanyia, an official Mallorcan ‘Old Town’. Situated close to Cala ‘Or and Porto Petro it is surrounded by stunning countryside peppered with traditional country houses.
The Southeast coast of Mallorca combines both sides of the Spanish holiday coin. It offers all the big bucks entertainment and activity you could wish for, yet you are never very far from what can only be described as the unwinding calmness of traditional Spain. All in all it’s the ideal place for a fortnight’s holiday. A week of in your face party madness followed by a week of total res, relaxation and recuperation.

The most well-known region of Mallorca, the Southwest coast has everything that you would expect from the definitive 20th century Spanish holiday. Fortunately the area was first developed before the 18/30 phenomena and its ugly offspring reared its large scale over developed head. Unlike many parts of the coastal mainland Mallorcan developments are relatively small as the Island has strict policies on maintaining traditional values and identity with conservation of uppermost importance. In short, the Island is so naturally beautiful it sells itself.
Famed for its magnificent bay and home to around half the Island’s permanent residents, Palma de Mallorca is the region’s most popular resort. It also boasts one of the most extensive harbours in the Mediterranean and ha a bountiful supply of safe moorings for hundreds of sailing craft ranging from fishing boats to speed boats, dinghies to multi million pound luxury super-yachts. It is by far one of the most popular ports of call for the European sailing fraternity. Other harbours in the area include Puerto de Andratx which is one of Mallorca’s main fishing ports; Port Adriano which has recently been granted permission to extend the marina so it can cater for luxury super-yachts and Palma Nova which is often described as a ‘less frenetic’ version of Magaluf with which it has virtually merged.
For all its popularity with the tourist, the Southwest still retains an elegance and mainly attracts up-market visitors looking for a lot of sunshine and a lot of luxury. All of which isn’t that surprising when you consider that the Spanish Royal Family pay regular visits to their palaces in Palma.
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08/08/2013 @ 9:00 am
Bob and Sue
We agree with Simon, Akbar is best indian in the área.
25/06/2013 @ 8:46 am
Simon and friends
We tried Akbar last night and found it to be better than our local curry house back home. Very impressed.
05/10/2012 @ 11:20 am
Doug, Sarah and kids (3)
Stayed at anchor this season around Mallorca, mainly just off Puerto Portals Marina, great spot, and we had a great time. Just like to say that we came across Harbourguides while googling for something and have since found it extremely helpful.
So many people have negative things to say these days that I felt compelled to let you know what a good service you are offering.
07/01/2012 @ 7:01 pm
Mr and Mrs J Wilson
Have been following your guide to Mallorca and have been quite impressed by the initial amount of useful information that was updating on your site ie restaurants and boat services etc. However it seems to have slowed down somewhat lately and we are wondering whether you have given up on this fantastic island. We live here and can honestly say that such an on line guide is very useful, both to visitors and locals alike. Please don't give up on your initial intentions as we do appreciate your efforts and do find the services you promote a valuable recourse.
Keep up the good work
The Wilsons.
27/10/2011 @ 3:49 pm
Went to Akbar curry house again!!! They didn't have Scranton like this in kirkham!! Thanks HB!
27/10/2011 @ 12:38 pm
Hi Ady
There is plenty of choices on the site for both Hotels and Apartments and villas etc.
Look under a "Accommodation" at the top of this page and there will be a selection. We are not sure what would be the best option for you,but if you contact them we are sure they will be able to advise.
Good luck and hope you find the right boat.
27/10/2011 @ 9:06 am
Ady Tugwell
Viewing a few boats in Palma next week 31st Oct to 6th Nov. So need Accom. We are a group of five(2 adults and 3 children aged three to nine) What is the most cost effective option for us? ie Hotel or Villa/apartment? I appreciate its short notice but could you advise?
09/10/2011 @ 1:32 pm
Cockney Paul
Thanks for the brass house info....400 euros lighter today!! Haha!! Thanks HB!!
09/10/2011 @ 9:00 am
Thanks harbourguides....was desperate for a curry last night and went to Akbar was great thanks!!
08/10/2011 @ 10:49 am
Steve and Paul
Stayed at Hostel Roberto Great value and great guy would reccomend>
02/10/2011 @ 7:21 am
danielle and friends
we have just returned to uk from mallorca after celebrating my 40th. a bit quite at the moment, but would still reccomend visiting it. never seen so many boats in one place in my life (ie.palma) and believe me, i have seen a few.anyway back to work tomorrow,found your site by accident but will keep visiting in the future.take care D and chums.
30/09/2011 @ 8:13 am
Robert Trough
Hey! See you've got started in Mallorca!Look forward to viewing your harbour guide..Good luck.
ps.Car hire very important here,more so than the UK as most of the visitors arive by plane and need transport.
pps.Going to Port Adriano next week for a nosey,will try Aroma bar.
29/09/2011 @ 11:53 am
Mally Paul and Ian
Great time in Aroma Bar Restaurant yesterday at Port Adriano..will definitely recomend!
27/09/2011 @ 9:48 am
Ian and crew
Hey glad to see you have got Wellies on your guide!!!Great place!!
24/09/2011 @ 9:49 am
Rob n Sarah
Heard you are starting your guide any time now, we moved to Mallorca six years ago from England and although we now know the island reasonably well we are looking forward to your "Food and Drink" section...Hope you get a warm welcome from everyone here and good luck with the guide..
09/09/2011 @ 10:06 pm
Franz Gierdo
Arriving in Palma on Wednesday 14th September,what is the best deal on car hire ie book at airport or do you have information on good deals?
18/08/2011 @ 10:08 am
Harbourguides Crew
The crew are off to this beautiful island at the end of September to start our guide...Lets hope we get a great welcome from the businesses on the isle and make it a fantastic guide for future visitors!!!!!!!!!!
02/08/2011 @ 9:48 am
We are trying to locate a yacht named “Gabrielle” which as far as we are aware was located Ashore or Marina Based Afloat in Mallorca.

The yacht is a pleasure yacht built in 2000 by Beneteau SA in France. The Engine make and model is Mercruiser. The IMO Number/HIN is FR-BEY05480D000.
04/03/2011 @ 11:35 pm
Simon Ashton (London)
Hi There

Im currently thinking of a holiday this summer in Mallorca with a "nautical" theme and considering the charter a of boat, can you reccomend a charter company in the South of the island?

We are staying for 3 weeks, 2 weeks in a rented villa and plan 1 week on a boat.
Look forward to hearing from you.

18/02/2011 @ 9:08 am
HG Crew
Hi Carl. A printable version of all our guides is a feature that will be available by the end of Feb 2011. However this will not include the charts,but it is something we are looking into for the very near future.
17/02/2011 @ 11:28 pm
Carl Harris
Will the charts be available to print off??
10/02/2011 @ 9:08 pm
HG Crew
We are well under way and the charts will be on within the next three weeks,maybe sooner.
10/02/2011 @ 9:05 pm
Looking forward to using the Mallorca Harbour guide... when will it be up and running like the UK guides ???
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22/07/2017 @ 12:15 am
Avance Car Hire by Christos Fifis
We rented a car from Avance in Nafpaktos from 2 to 7 July 2017.
A disappointing experience caused by the behaviour of the company.
We returned the car four hours earlier in order to get the bus for Athens.
The employee took the key and said ok, i'll have a look and if there is any problem I'll let you know.
Half an hour later while we were at the KTEL he rang us up and said there was a scratch on the passenger's mirror,
he rang up the manager and he told him that they should charge us 120 Euro. I told him I wasn't aware of any scratches.
He said he will bring the car to the KTEL to see it for myself. I told him I will be there for 35 minutes, the bus was
leaving on 10.00am.
He did not bring the car to the KTEL but they charged my card $180 Australian dollars.
I rang up the company the next day and spoke to the manager.
He said the car had scratches and the petrol was less than what it should be.
Obviously he did not know, or pretending did not know which car he was talking about.
I told him the petrol was more than what was required -half full- and there were no scratches
caused by me. He told me he had people in the office and he would ring me up later.
He never did but they charged my account.
I find their behaviour and service unprofessional because they should have told me if there was something wrong
as soon as handed the car in and they should not make promises which they did not fulfil.
A disappointing experience.
They are not to be trusted with your card.
Christos Fifis

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In the first level of the hostal you'll find a restaurant wich offers meditarrean specialities. You'll dine in a room full of artwork , some of these are presents of guests who dedicate there works to the hostal - in memory for a pleasant stay.

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This corner bar and restaurant is the place to watch the comings and goings of boats and people to and from the marina.
Well known within the yachting and island community for good food and most notably for the famous "Wellie Burgers".
The upstairs restaurant and cocktail bar have fantastic views over the harbour.

Address: Wellies, Puerto Portals, 23-24 Calvia

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At Indi-Clean we tailor our cleaning service to meet the individual requirements of your vessel, whether alongside or at anchor, from a small privately owned vessel to the worlds biggest Super Yachts our service and standards remain the same – outstanding.
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We have developed a huge amount of expertise that we are always happy to share - simply submit a question online or call us - we are always delighted to help.

Address: Indi-Clean, Aptd Correos 625, 07620 Llucmajor, Mallorca

Phone: 00 34 696 740 353 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Elite Yacht Mats
Replace the mat not the floor !
Elite Mats supply professional high quality rubber backed Marine and Industrial Mats. Manufactured in the UK. Protect your floors from walked in dust and dirt, spillages and grease, Barrier mats are Non slip, Non trip neoprene rubber backed mats in a range of standard and bespoke sizes in a range of colours and textures. Customise with yacht or business logos created from your artwork. See a proof before production, All mats Guaranteed for 2 years, UV protected and machine washable . Easy re order service.
• Marine Mats -Logo Mats - Barrier Mats
• Anti Fatigue - Ortho Mats Galley & Bridge Mat.
• Anti Slip Matting Passerell & Swim platform Safety Matting .
• Security Alert Mats * Engine room mats.
• Mats for Businesses Logo Mats door mats, workstations.
• Fast efficient quotation online quotation Samples & measurement service.
• Delivery Worldwide.
• Plain standard mats in stock 5-7days.Logo Mats 3-4 weeks.

Address: STP Shipyard - Global Building, Muelle Viejo Espigon Exterior, Palma De Mallorca, 07012

Phone: +34 620 266 212 / + 44 7768 448 343 - Email - Website - Map
Bars & Inns
Abaco Bar
After passing the door of ABACUS is put you far in another era. Do not really know if you are in a set for a Visconti film, you've gone through the time tunnel or a dream. When you realize the reality.

Mallorca both themselves and the many visitors to the island, like being in Abaco, because it's like moving to an earlier time filled with memories of their own, where things were natural and authentic, all underscored by the company classical music gives an atmosphere like in a dream of staging a grand opera.

Address: Bar Abaco, Carre Sant Joan, 1, 07012 Palma (Mallorca)

Phone: 971 714 939 - Email - Website - Map
Cash Point
Banco Popular
Bank and ATM

Address: Banco Popular, Port Adriano Modulo 1-Local 1

Phone: 971 69 92 39 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Aroma Restaurant
Bars & Inns, Cafes, Private Functions, Entertainment, Wifi, Restaurants
Aroma Restaurant
AROMA is a stunning new restaurant in El Toro - Port Adriano.
A contemporary designed casual family restaurant which is offering fresh mediterranean cuisine at affordable prices.
From a choice of breakfast served from 9.00 am to stone baked pizzas in an open-plan kitchn area and freshly prepared pasta to home made soups and a wide range of home baked cakes and desserts.
There will be a great bar area with casual seating 4 those wishing 2 just have a beer or wine with friends or watch a match.
We hope everyone from El Toro and beyond enjoys the new hospitality.

Address: C./ Gran Via 2+3,, 07182 El Toro, Port Adriano

Phone: (+34) 971.23.28.42 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Harrys Mallorca
Bars & Inns
Harrys Mallorca
Harrys is one of the leading and most successful chains in the restaurant industry today.
There are over 40 Harrys in Sweden, two in Thailand and now the first Harrys in the Balearics is opening its doors. Harrys is a franchise chain that shares the same concept, values and visual identity.
Although every Harrys is unique, we all offer the same friendly service, a broad price-friendly menu and a wide selection of drinks and entertainment in a convivial environment. What also characterizes Harrys is our desire to provide our guests with exceptional service and give full attention to the joy and humor. Harrys core values are warmth, welcoming and above all, a great experience!

Harrys Mallorca We are four crazy people with a collection of experience in all sectors; property, global retail, PR Management/Brand management and Recruitment, who live on Mallorca and feel that we need to get involved more in what we do best, eating, drinking and having fun!
After visiting the island for many years and finally taking the step to make our homes here, combined with nights out and many discussions about our time on the island, we decided we should do something productive. Then a few glasses of wine later, it all began.

We feel it is time to introduce something new for all to experience, especially in the area and community we spend most of our time. The Harrys concept is to give a world class experience with great service, good food and drink and lots of fun, a place that all will want to return.
Harrys is the place for people to meet people and for children to meet friends, to be able to relax in an informal unique environment. With a combination of multi lingual experienced staff, not only in service but in product knowledge, we will deliver an experience that will bring you back time after time. This is our goal. The big picture is that Harrys will serve the first Hamburger on the Moon. Already the Galactic hotel complex is being brainstormed for the extension of Virgin Galactic. It will take some time, but we can wait.
Portals Nous will be our first in the Balearics, but we hope to expand in the near future to offer the Harrys experience to all throughout the Balearics and Spain. All our troops will have training over a week before we open to ensure they are ready to deliver our promise of quality and service with an experience you will never forget.

Address: Calle Oratori 9, Portals Nous, Calvia, 07181

Phone: +34 971 67 64 53 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Pirates Adventure
Entertainment, Visitor Attractions
Pirates Adventure
Now celebrating its 26th year, the Pirates Show has amazed over 3 million customers with its unique blend of world class acrobatics, thrilling gymnastics and breathtaking dancing.
Set sail on the adventure of a lifetime! Join Sir Henry Morgan and his band of brave buccaneers as they do battle with their evil French foes to save the treasure.
Escape to a magical world of action, thrills, comedy and fun for an experience that you will never forget.
Make a date to join the fearless pirates for an amazing adventure in their purpose-built theatre in Magaluf. For an excursion to remember the Pirates show is a perfect family fun night out. For a spicy adults only night of acrobatics, dance and comedy with drinks included then choose the new look Pirates Uncut (18) show and unlock the pirate within!
Come aboard Mallorca's best attraction, Pirates - a swashbuckling spectacle which is simply live entertainment at its very best.

Address: Pirates Adventure, Calle Joaquin Sorrolla 17 Bajos, Edf. Alivia, 07181, Magalluf

Phone: (+34) 971 130 659 Fax: (+34) 971 130 083 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Edipicio Escuela de Vela
Boat Hire, Sailing Training Courses
Hire of small sail boats and windsurfers.Location next to Mundimar Portals.

Address: Edipicio Escuela de Vela, Puerto Portals, 07181 Calvia, Dique Exterior

Phone: +34 66659 1159 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Sporting Fitness
Health & Beauty, Retail Outlets
Sporting Fitness

Address: Sporting Fitness, Avenida De La Playa n 7, local23-24 - 07181 PalmaNova

Phone: (+34) 971.67.62.43 - Email - Website - Mobile: (+34) 678.56.24.46 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Mundimar Portals SA
Boat Builders & Repairs, Boat Storage, Boatyard, Dry Berthing, Grp Repairs/Maintenance, Insurance Repairs, Marine Electricians, Marine Engineers, Marine Fabrications, Marine Installations, Marine Joinery, Marine Painting, Marine Plumbing, Masts & Rigging, Osmosis Treatments, Shipwrights

Address: Mundimar Portals SA, 07015,Puerto Portals, Calvia Mallorca

Phone: 971 676 369 - Map
Boat Hire, Boat Storage, Marine Upholstery, Yacht Brokers, Yacht Charters, Yacht Management
Marina Balear
Yacht charter on Majorca and the Balearics - exclusive vacation on sea

The Balearic Islands - Majorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera - are one of the most beautiful and most interesting water sport areas of the world. Countless bays, some of them only accessible from sea side, lonely beaches and a variety of harbors invite you to discover these islands.

We would be pleased to support you to find a suitable sport boat, motor yacht, sailing yacht or catamaran. We also offer a various luxury yachts and mega yachts with crew for charter - according to your requirements.

Yacht Charter on Majorca and the Balearics – we will do everything to meet your demands.

Our yacht charter is offering boats to rent with or without skipper or Crew - weekly as well as daily. Why not charter a motor or luxury yacht for birthdays or marriages? Also for incentives, seminars and all other kind of events you can book our charter yachts - including catering and crew. If you are in possession of a skipper license, why not charter a boat and discover the island on your own.

We offer a variety of charter yachts with home ports in the south-west coast of Majorca in Palma de Majorca, Puerto Portals, Port Adriano and Puerto de Andratx as well as in the north in Port d´Alcudia and Port de Pollensa or in the east in Portocolom Porto Petro and Cala d´or.

Address: Marina Balear, Port Adriano-local 3, E-07182 El Toro /Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 232 204 - Email - Website - Map
Boat Storage, Wifi, Marinas, Boat Moorings
Since it was built in 1992, Port Adriano is the reference point to explore one of the most attractive coasts in the Mediterranean. It has grown to currently become one of the most relevant ports in the Balearic Islands. It has 404 moorings of between 6 and 18 meters in length, a refit and repair area and 4.500 Sq. Mts. of commercial area.
Port Adriano offers the best conditions for bathing and also for practising nautical activities, this together with the quality of its services and its proximity to Palma de Mallorca, make it an excellent home port for owners and crews.
Its remodelling has involved the addition of new mooring berths for yachts of up to 60 metres, the enlarging of the dry dock and the singular project of the commercial area designed by Philippe Starck. All this places Port Adriano in the forefront of ports for mega-yachts

Address: Port Adriano, Urbanización El Toro, s/n, 07180 Calvià

Phone: (+34) 971 232 494 Fax: (+34) 971 232 566 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Hotel Port Adriana
Accommodation, Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Health & Beauty, Wifi, Restaurants
Hotel Port Adriana
With a sandy beach literally just steps away, there is a luxury 5 star hotel located just above a small leisure marina of Mallorca, which bathes in the reflected light and colours of the blue sea, sky, verdant nature and the glowing red horizon of the evening setting sun. Welcome to the official Website Port Adriano hotel Marina Golf & Spa!!

Wellness hotel, with 3 conference rooms and well adapted facilties for conventions or small business groups. This luxurious 5* golf hotel is set on the best Majorca GOLF courses and only 6 Km away from the other most outstanding courses. Additionally, the airport of Palma is only 18 Km away and to the Casino de Mallorca it is 4 Kms.

Address: Hotel Port Adriana, Port Adriana, Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 237323 Fax: +34 971 237070 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Mood Beach & Restaurant
Bars & Inns, Private Functions, Entertainment, Restaurants
Mood Beach & Restaurant
By day, the sun paints a million diamonds on the gentle waves, and pours through the windows of the Crystal Deck. By night, it's moonlight on the water and the soft sound of the sea on the beach below when you dine by candlelight. Our elegant/casual candlelit restaurant gives you a choice of delicious snacks or divine gourmet dishes and you’ll find the best of European, Mediterranean and Basque dishes often kissed with the tastes of Asia.

Table layouts for diners are very flexible so if you have a party of 6, 8, 10 or more people, Mood can arrange your table in the most sociable way. If you prefer you might want to come indoors and enjoy the cosy atmosphere of the French Parlour restaurant. Our celebrated Italian onion lamps, the envy of many a client, give out a warm glow on the coolest evenings.

At Mood, we believe in choice-power, and that our valued clients come first always. Just want something light? That’s fine at Mood, you don’t need to have multiple dishes – flying solo on one course is just fine by us. Want half-portions? That’s OK too. Or maybe it’s a special occasion and you want the full gourmet experience with delicately balanced dishes from our Degustation Menu.

Address: Mood Beach & Restaurant, Costa D’en Blanes, Calvia, Mallorca

Phone: (+34) 971 676 456 - Email - Map
Details & Reviews (0)SalyMar Yacht Charter Mallorca
Yacht Agents & Brokers, Yacht Brokers, Yacht Charters, Yacht Management
SalyMar Yacht Charter Mallorca
Formed in 2000, SalyMar is one of the premier yacht charter and yacht management companies in the Balearics.
SalyMar welcomes you to visit us in our ideally situated office in the prestigious Club de Mar.
Make SalyMar your first port-of-call for every aspect of your boating needs; from arranging your perfect charter holiday, to providing First Class yacht management services.

Address: Salymar Maintenance SL., Club de Mar, P.O. Box 15,, Palma de Mallorca, IB 07015.

Phone: +34 971 707 679 - Website - Map
Online Shopping, Retail Outlets
Piluca Osaba
Piluca Osaba starts her journey in the world of fashion in the year 2001 with the opening of her first fashion space in Palma de Mallorca.
She is a tireless traveller, who in order to import the most outstanding fashion designers, has travelled across all the fashion capitals in India. Becoming this way, one of the first Spanish businesswomen to strongly bet on the importation of fashion and complements made in India, wich are being commercialized in the world’s main capitals.
Her fashion spaces, currently three, are a platform for the most internationally renowned Indian fashion designers.
Her fashion collections combine the most pure indian’s textile tradition with innovative international trends, creating this way an enigmatic and distinguished look.
The collections are elegant, very bright and perfect for any celebration.
All of Piluca Osaba’s fashion spaces have an eclectic collection of fashion, accessories and jewellery.

Address: Piluca Osaba, Puerto Portals(Calvia), Local, 84 Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 675 499 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Marivent Yachts
Boat Sales-Power, Boat Sales-Yacht, Boat Moorings, Yacht Agents & Brokers, Yacht Brokers, Yacht Charters

Address: Marivent Yachts, Local 56, Puerto Portals, 07181 Portals Nous (Mallorca)

Phone: + 34 971 676 474 Fax: + 34 971 677 601 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Kingsber Property
Accommodation, Estate Agent, Property Rentals
Kingsber Property
Apartments, Houses and villas and Rentals.

Address: Kingsber Property, Mallorca, Balearics Islands

Phone: + 34 971 703018 - Email - Website - Mobile: + 34 659 737330 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Elite Bespoke Yacht Linen Ltd
Yacht Interiors
Elite Bespoke Yacht Linen Ltd
Palma based specialist suppliers of beautiful Bespoke Luxury Linen. Elite s extensive range of Luxury Yacht linens made by specialist linen houses in Italy. View our wide selection of classic and contemporary styles in a wide range of thread counts made from the finest Egyptian Cotton , Sateen and Percale finishes . An extensive selection appears on the web site . Catering for most budgets, both Guest and Crew linens made to fit perfectly non standard sizes mattresses.
• Embroidery service * Egyptian Cotton Bed and Table Linen
• Bedding Duvets Pillows Protectors * Cashmere or Wool Throws & Blankets
• Deck Towels * Guest Towels in 60 colours *Bath Mats Robes and Slippers
• Pre wash service arranged for new linen .
• Marine Mats -Logo Mats Barrier Mats
• Anti Fatigue Ortho Mats Anti Slip Matting
• Security Mats
• Fast efficient quotation and delivery. Single replacement items sourced, no minimum order , Worldwide Delivery.
For more product information or to arrange a personal visit or receive an on-line quotation, please visit our website

Address: STP Shipyard - Global Building, Muelle Viejo Espigon Exterior, Palma De Mallorca, 07012

Phone: +34 620 266 212 / + 44 7768 448 343 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Palma Aquariom
Visitor Attractions
Come to Palma Aquarium and discover a fascinating world of over 8000 specimens from 700 species representing the flora and fauna of the largest seas and oceans around the world. Enjoy the impressive displays of live corals and our star attraction, the Big Blue: the deepest shark tank in Europe measuring in at an incredible 8.5m! With over 1000 live specimens and featuring ten Huge sharks it truly is a sight not to be missed. See you there!

Address: Palma Aquariom, Manuela de los Herreros i Sora 21, 07610 Palma de Mallorca

Phone: +34 902702902 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Elite Bespoke Yacht Linen Ltd
Yacht Interiors
Elite Bespoke Yacht Linen Ltd
Palma based specialist suppliers of beautiful Bespoke Luxury Linen. Elite s extensive range of Luxury Yacht linens made by specialist linen houses in Italy. View our wide selection of classic and contemporary styles in a wide range of thread counts made from the finest Egyptian Cotton , Sateen and Percale finishes . An extensive selection appears on the web site . Catering for most budgets, both Guest and Crew linens made to fit perfectly non standard sizes mattresses.
• Embroidery service * Egyptian Cotton Bed and Table Linen
• Bedding Duvets Pillows Protectors * Cashmere or Wool Throws & Blankets
• Deck Towels * Guest Towels in 60 colours *Bath Mats Robes and Slippers
• Pre wash service arranged for new linen .
• Marine Mats -Logo Mats Barrier Mats
• Anti Fatigue Ortho Mats Anti Slip Matting
• Security Mats
• Fast efficient quotation and delivery. Single replacement items sourced, no minimum order , Worldwide Delivery.
For more product information or to arrange a personal visit or receive an on-line quotation, please visit our website

Address: STP Shipyard - Global Building, Muelle Viejo Espigon Exterior, Palma De Mallorca, 07012

Phone: +34 620 266 212 / =44 7768 448 343 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Lifestyle Charters
Boat Sales-Power, Boat Sales-Yacht, Sailing Training Courses, Yacht Agents & Brokers, Yacht Brokers, Yacht Charters
Lifestyle Charters
Lifestyle Charters in Mallorca, Spain offer a wide selection of luxury motor yachts all available fully staffed and skippered to ensure maximum enjoyment for you, your friends and family.
With over twenty years experience Lifestyle Charters offers you the ultimate holiday. Our extensive knowledge of our fleet of boats and the Balearic islands will be invaluable in planning and enjoying your trip.

Address: Lifestyle Charters, Puerto Portals(Calvia), Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 138043 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Real Homes Mallorca
Estate Agent, Property Rentals
We are based in the village of Portals Nous, 2 minutes from the exclusive port of Puerto Portals on the beautiful island of Mallorca.
Our efficient and professional service and our wide selection of real estate listings will guarantee that we find you the property of your dreams.

Address: Real Homes Mallorca, Ctra Andratx 35, Portals Nous, Mallorca

Phone: (00 34) 971 67 64 84 Fax: (00 34 )971 67 80 44 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort
Accommodation, Private Functions, Health & Beauty, Wifi
When a natural masterpiece meets an architectural masterpiece, the two combine to create something truly unique. The breathtaking Serra de Tramuntana Mountains and the azure-blue sea create the stylish backdrop for this luxury hotel in Majorca. This hotel charms guests with its subtle elegance and service. Enjoy an unforgettable stay with the St. Regis butler service. Attentive and descreet.
The 133 luxurious rooms with stunning views of the ocean and the lush gardens are timeless.

Address: The St. Regis Mardavall Mallorca Resort, Passeig Calvia S/N · Costa d'en Blanes, 07181 Palma De Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 629 629 Fax: +34 971 629 630 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)High Class Cars
Car Hire
High Class Cars
We are a company who has been in the carhire bussiness in Mallorca Calvia for over more then 15 years. We started with our First Rent a Car in Santa Ponsa which is well known as Rosslind Car Hire .
Due to the encreasing demand of high quality cars from our clients we saw that it was necesary to start a fleet with another type of cars what we call High Class Cars. From a sports convertable to a limousine we have now a big range of luxury cars available to be rented out to our customers.
Our Company High Class Cars is established next to Rosslind Carhire in Santa Ponsa. Our excellent team will be happy to attend and guide you to find you the wright car for weekend, daytrip or special occasion.
We wish you a safe trip and lots of joy with one of our top cars!

Address: High Class Cars, C/ Puig des Teix 6, 07180 Santa Ponsa ,Mallorca

Phone: +34 (0) 971 102 704 Fax: +34 (0) 971 696 431 - Email - Website - Map
Boat Sales-Power, Boat Sales-Yacht, Yacht Brokers, Yacht Charters
If you are looking to sell or purchase a particular make or model of boat, somewhere to base it in the Balearics, answer any questions you may have and fix any problems that might arise, please contact us. We will do all we can help your boating in the Balearics as enjoyable and stress free as possible.”

Address: Club be Mar, Palma, Mallorca

Phone: (00 34) 971 704003 - Email - Website - Mobile: 0034 662245687 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Amarres Moorings
Boat Moorings
We are a company specialising in the sale, purchase and rental of Moorings on the Island of Mallorca / Majorca and in other Mediterranean ports. Through our network of Yachting connections, the Financial Industry and Overseas Representations, we are in a strong position to answer any enquiries that may arise. Our office in the Paseo Marítimo of Palma de Mallorca is managed by Idoia Herran, with assistance from others all of whom have had experience in the Mooring and Maritime business. Spanish, English and German are spoken and all methods of communications are available.
We have private moorings all over the Island from 8 to 50 metres for sale and rental!! If at any time you need free information, prices, availability or just a discussion of market trends, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Address: Amarres Moorings, Paseo Marítimo, 75012, Palma de Mallorca

Phone: (+34) 971 73 17 58 Fax: (+34) 971 73 17 58 - Email - Website - Mobile: (+34) 637 06 56 33 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Gemini Home Management and Property Rentals
Property Rentals
Gemini Home Management and Property Rentals
With many years experience in property management, Gemini Home Management understand that your home here in Mallorca is your investment thus providing an efficient service which is tailored to suit your needs.
Offering a unique range of services Gemini will ensure that your home is stress free for you and your guests and your property will be cared for 365 days a year.

Address: Gemini

Phone: 0034 971 235 634 - Email - Website - Mobile: 0034 626 042 735 - Map
25 years of constant gastronomic innovation and creativity, exceptional luxury remaining true the motto “Just Enjoy”

Address: Grupo Tristán, Local Nº 1, 07181 Puerto Portals, Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 67 55 47 Fax: +34 971 679 083 - Email - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (1)Keys & Concierge
Property Rentals, Yacht Charters
At Keys & Concierge we realise that a holiday should never start by finding a key under a door mat! We have taken a fresh aproach to holiday homes by providing a personal service to each and every one of our clients. We will always be there to meet and greet you at your chosen holiday home and be available for you 7 days a week to help you with any queries that you may have during your stay here in Mallorca.
All of our clients can take advantage of our concierge services, which amongst other things include babysitting, restaurant reservations, car hire, yacht charter, food provisioning and chef services. Whatever your requirements, we will try an accomodate them! Just ask.
For the home owner we provide our home management services, which means that your property will be well cared for at all times. Please feel free to contact us regarding our range of services.

Address: Keys & Concierge, Local 4 Ctra. Andratx 07181, Portals Nous Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 679 474 - Email - Website - Mobile: 0034 660 980 556 - Map
Bars & Inns, Cafes, Private Functions, Entertainment

Address: Rumours, Puerto Portals, 07181 Calvià

Phone: 648 196 860 - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Akbar Restaurant
Bars & Inns, Catering, Private Functions, Entertainment, Food Delivery, Wifi, Restaurants, Takeaway Food
Akbar Restaurant
The Akbar Restaurant is located in the centre of Portals Nous. It also has a parking area, so that it’s easier for clients to reach the restaurant. It can be reached by going down the stairs of the commercial area (between La Cam and La Caixa Banks).

Home delivery, boat delivery and take away services available.

Address: Akbar Restaurant, 07181 Portals Nous, Mallorca

Phone: 971 675 864 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)The French Coffee Shop
Cafes, Catering, Private Functions, Food Delivery, Wifi, Provisions, Takeaway Food
Speciall yachting menu and delivery service.
Yacht provisioning.

Address: The French Coffee Shop, Garcilaso de la Vega 1, Costa d'en Blanes(By Marineland)

Phone: 971 676707 - Email - Website - Mobile: 678 371 419 - Map
Bars & Inns, Wifi, Restaurants
The Ship
Stephen Hunt and his children arrived in Mallorca late 2004 after a successful decade running a pub in Lancashire.
Prior to this Stephen severed in the British Army for twenty years leaving at the dizzy heights of warrant officer.
After two years of chilling/looking after his children, Stephen felt the time was right to get back into the work force.
Joseph was at school leaving age and living in Spain gave few employment options.
A run down bar was available in the village of Portals Nous....Stephen decided this was his next quest in life, it was local, the children could be involved and, after a demolition job, it was a blank canvas to create a cool British pub in one of the best villages in Mallorca.

Address: The Ship, Calle Flores 2 - 07181 Portals Nous, Mallorca - Spain

Phone: +34 971 676 103 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)British Medical Centre
Health & Beauty
British Medical Centre
The British Medical Centre has been providing consistently high quality health care services in Palma Nova, Mallorca for over 25 years. We are proud to offer a wide range of medical, ancilliary and therapeutic treatments for residents and tourists throughout the year.
Our UK qualified doctors ensure you receive professional medical care that you can trust, when and where you need it. You can visit our clinic or, if necessary, we are able to treat you in your home, hotel or onboard your boat.
We accept all recognised Travel and Medical Insurance Schemes including BUPA, DKV, Groupama, Mútua General de Catalunya and Femenia Salud. In addition to this we also offer an Annual Medical Scheme for residents.

Address: British Medical Centre, Carrer Ses Planas, 7, Palma Nova

Phone: (00 34) 971 683 511 Fax: (00 34) 650 249 952 - Email - Website - Map
Boat Covers, Boat Cushions, Marine Upholstery, Yacht Interiors
Soft Interior is a company that provides the services of design, fabrication, and installation of yacht soft furnishings, both interior and exterior.

We are a team that supplies the yacht refit industry, managing companies as well as boat owners.

We have the knowledge and 15 years experience to assist you from the initial design stages through to the final installation. Our projects include everything from one of a kind custom soft furnishing, redesign of existing pieces, to complete yacht interiors.

Address: Gremio tintoreros 51, Polígono industrial Son Castelló, Mallorca. Spain

Phone: +34 971 710 630 - Email - Website - Mobile: +34 661 889 160 - Map
Visitor Attractions
You will be surprised by the friendliness and intelligence of Bottlenose Dolphins and Californian Sea Lions. Our dolphin shows are rated among the best in the world. An underwater tunnel will allow you to watch the dolphins swimming in their own natural environment.
Sea Lions
Sheer masters of acrobatics, agile, friendly and playful.
Magnificent and frightening sharks share living space with hundreds of fish species from the seven seas.
Tropical Aquarium
Many species of turtles, fish and invertebrates roaming about in a world full of colour

Address: Marineland, C/ Garcilaso de la Vega, 9, Costa d’en Blanes

Phone: 971 675 125 Fax: 971.67.55.54 - Website - Map
Details & Reviews (0)Sunbird International Yacht Sales
Boat Sales-Power, Boat Sales-Yacht, Yacht Agents & Brokers, Yacht Brokers
At Sunbird we offer a truly international solution to your yachting needs. Whether from the UK or our 3 Mediterranean bases, from Palma to Turkey, Sunbird can fulfil your new boat and brokerage sales requirements. The UKs longest established Beneteau dealer, we are experts in the market leading Oceanis, Sense and First models. For the powerboat field Greenline dealers at the forefront of the new direction for environmentally sensitive powerboating.
Wherever you sail we will offer you a full service and our experienced brokers will guide and assist you every step of the way

Address: Local 10, Edificio Ponent, Puerto de Portals, 07181, Calvia, Mallorca

Phone: +34 971 676 392 Fax: +34 971 676 350 - Email - Website - Map
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