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Monday - Light Cloud
Minimum: 14C, Wind Direction: Westerly
Wind: Moderate 23mph, Pressure: 1020mb, Sunset: 21:20 BST
Tuesday - Light Cloud
Maximum: 19C, Minimum: 15C
Wind: 20mph South Westerly, Visibility: Good, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 04:51 BST, Sunset: 21:20 BST
Wednesday - Light Cloud
Maximum: 20C, Minimum: 15C
Wind: 18mph South Westerly, Visibility: Good, Pollution: Low, Sunrise: 04:51 BST, Sunset: 21:21 BST
Mon 18 Jun
Tue 19 Jun
Wed 20 Jun
Thu 21 Jun
Fri 22 Jun
Sat 23 Jun
Sun 24 Jun
A surprisingly busy little harbour, Bembridge is one of the Isle of Wight’s best kept secrets; its relative remoteness adding a certain charm. It is, unsurprisingly, fairly up-market and a favourite ‘hideaway’ for celebrities, attracted by the relaxed atmosphere, excellent facilities and quality of the hospitality. It also attracts keen yachtsmen from all over Europe who are lured by the excellent conditions, beautiful location and superb facilities. In the harbour itself there are plenty of pleasure craft and fishing boats available for hire and an area reserved exclusively for houseboats some of which double up as B&Bs.

The village itself has two main shopping areas; both are vibrant and attractive with an excellent choice of restaurants and pubs to choose from. It is also a favourite with aviation enthusiasts. Bembridge’s small airport attracts light aircraft pilots from all over Europe tantalised by the chance to get an Arial view of one of the most beautiful Islands in the UK. The lovely beaches are all safe with clear, shallow water backed by cliff tops with walks to satisfy any ardent rambler. The views from aloft are nothing short of magnificent.

Bembridge may not have the razzamatazz of many of the other harbour towns along the Solent but as a relaxing yet fulfilling getaway it pays in dividends
Comments (12)
31/10/2017 @ 10:17 am
Helen and Greg
Good to see Steve last week in Bembridge. Good luck Steve H & G
05/10/2017 @ 11:46 am
Helen and Craig Ashton
Bembridge is our favourite harbour on the Isle of wight. Just enough going on without it being too busy
12/09/2015 @ 12:08 am
Is the little cottage still their ,that use to be a army hut during the 2w/w,
14/11/2013 @ 9:47 am
Warm welcome at B.Sailing Club .
09/10/2013 @ 7:58 am
Priory Bay Hotel is just what the doctor ordered, elegant and peaceful.
28/08/2013 @ 8:28 am
Went to Euro Wines shop yesterday, fantastic choice of world Wines at reasonable prices, if they have not got it ,will have in 2 days.
03/08/2013 @ 11:56 am
Chris Dalton and family
I am always suspicious about using car hire companies, as I was falsely accused of damaging a car I had hired at an airport some years ago. I had no way of proving that the damage had not been done when I dropped the car off, as I was instructed to drop the keys off at a post box. I was shocked when I got my credit card statement and discovered that £250 had been taken out for the so-called damage!
I have just hired a car from 1st Call car Hire, and I am happy to say that they put my mind a t ease and I have now regained my faith in car hire companies.
Would definitely recommend.
03/08/2013 @ 11:45 am
Happy Holiday maker
Priory Bay Hotel!!!
Thank you so much for a wonderful week.
Will never forget it x
03/08/2013 @ 11:43 am
Bembridge Sailing Club may be one of the oldest in the country, but its by far the best!!
25/10/2012 @ 12:26 pm
Roger Patterson
I have used Harbourguides for some time now and find the various guides extremely useful. However when I can not get on line obviously it cant be used. However my 11 year old Nephew kindly pointed out to me the "Print Harbour Guide" tab at the top of the page! Hey presto it worked, what would we do without kids?
01/10/2012 @ 6:14 pm
John and Sarah Gregson
We used the services of Attrill boat yard after seeing it was recomended by the Harbourguides. We would like to add our recomendation also. we found them to be top class and very helpful.
07/06/2011 @ 2:06 pm
John Wilson
a fantastic place to visit by boat with a very helpful marina staff
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Business Reviews (2)
05/10/2017 @ 12:01 pm
Bembridge Harbour by Jason and Jill
We too have visited Bembridge Harbour many times on our visits to IOW. Each time we have received fantastic service. I think the experience that Mark had was a one off. I wouldnt be put off visiting here as I as I said, we have never had a problem.
31/05/2016 @ 11:57 am
Bembridge Harbour by Mark
Visited Bembridge Harbour over the bank holiday weekend. Will not be rushing back, marina staff want your money then want you gone.
We picked up a buoy in the harbour late afternoon and after 4 hours (by which time the tide had gone out enough to stop us leaving the harbour), during which time the ferry / harbour master passed us many times; the harbour master / ferry approached and told we had to move to the marina and were not allowed to stay on the buoy. We went as directed and rafted up at the far end next to a yacht that was departing at 0500 the next day. The berth was shallow and I calculated we would just sit in the mud (1.5m at low water not the advertised 2m dredged below cd). The following day (after my early morning move) I went to pay for my enforced night in the marina. The lady in the office wanted to charge me over £40 for a 30ft yacht saying the far end was "Premier Marina". I refused to pay that rate as I was rafted up not on a finger pontoon, had laid on the mud overnight and had to get up early to let the inboard yacht out. I ended up paying the rate advertised on the website £3.10 per meter!
Due to the tide we decided to depart at 1700 that evening (you can only depart a few hours either side of HW). At 1615 whilst I was preparing to depart one of the staff came down the marina and asked my plans (the first contact with marina staff during our stay). I said I was leaving at 1700, to which he replied I needed to leave now or I would have yachts raft outboard of me! I said I could pick up a buoy and finish preping for sea or it would be 1700 before I was ready to leave. He replied that they had no juristiction on the buoys (which contradicted what they told me the night before) and that yachts were waiting to come alongside.
I noted that the panic management of berths applied to others, the motor boat opposite was given the same amount of notice to leave as myself.
bembridge - ruined.
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