Boulogne Marinas

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Details & Reviews (0)Port Boulogne Sur Mer
Just 200 metres from Boulogne-sur-Mer town centre, the marina provides a large range of services for your stopover.
Its extension was begun in 2001 and will continue as it is part of the " Port Napoleon " project.
The first part of this project has already enabled the creation of new mooring 'rings', together with the installation of 'IUT-Genie Biologique' (Technical University Institute of Civil Biology), 'IUP Qualité des Procédés Agro-Alimientaire et Halieutiques' (Professional University Institute of Quality Procedures in Farm & Food Products and Fishing), as well as the Boulonnais Urbain District Community head office.
The second part will be devoted to continuing work to the extension of the marina in a zone to be restructured for a maritime and tourist activity (100 additional mooring rings' are planned for 2006).

Address: 62231 Boulogne-sur-Mer, Cedex, France

Phone: 03-21-31-70-01 - Website - Map