Aberystwyth Pilot Notes & Charts

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Approaching Aberystwyth Marina
The harbour is located by Pendinas, a conspicuous hill 120m high, with the Wellington monument at its crest. The head of the north breakwater, the Wooden Jetty, on the Wellington monument leads 140 ◦, which clears you south of the Castle Rocks. The approach should be treated with caution in strong onshore winds, beware of cross-tides and boulders around head of the South Pier, the Stone Pier, and the Trap (an area of rough ground) which is to the north of the Wooden Jetty. If visitors approach the entrance on a bearing of 110 degrees and locate the west cardinal mark and align with a yellow painted lamppost beyond on the shore. Using this as a day transit until you are abeam of the wooden jetty’s mentioned below and turn immediately to port and proceed in mid channel to the marina.
The Wooden Jetty is marked with Q WR 9m; Red Sector (141-175) which covers the Castle Rocks. The south Pier F1.(2)WG 10s 12m 10m. There are four FR (vertical) on a radio tower 2.8 miles to the south. The entrance is narrow with a 90◦ port turn inside the Wooden Jetty head. The bar is immediately outside the head of the Stone Pier; at low water springs there is about 0.7meteres on the bar when on the leading line.
Boats drawing 2.0 meters are advised to enter up to 2.0 hours before and 2.5 hours after HW in calm conditions and boats drawing up to 1.0 meters can enter 3.0 hours before and 3.5 hours after HW.
Within The Harbour
There is a speed limit within the harbour and the marina. All vessels leaving or entering the harbour should not exceed the speed of 5 knots. It is also advisable to check your stern wash.
On Arrival At The Marina
All new boats must report to the Marina Office on arrival to complete a mooring contract. Boat owners need a copy of their fully comprehensive insurance documents. If you require a competitive quote for marine insurance contact Bay Marine Insurance.
Pilot Maps
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