The Stornoway Smokehouse

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The Stornoway Smokehouse
We are one of the leading producers of traditionally slow cured smoked salmon in the world, based in Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, Scotland.
As an artisan producer, we craft small amounts of our double Scottish smoked salmon for our discerning customers who appreciate its multi layered complexity and lingering subtleties. This splendid smoked fish, which was once seen as a luxury item, can be used in many recipes, from soup to sushi, as well as enjoyed on its own, or accompanied by a number of sides.
We are the heirs to 150 years of smoking tradition, located in Stornoway, on the Scottish Hebridean Isle of Lewis, the old centre of the herring industry. We are the last who smoke our own salmon in a seasoned brick kiln over smouldering embers, whilst using our own unique recipe. This allows the salmon to cure slowly over four to five days, as was the Stornoway way, rather than the more usual one day which prevails now.
The methods we use can greatly curtail our production, but it enhances the quality of our products.

Address: The Stornoway Smokehouse, Shell Street, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis, HS12BS

Phone: 01851 702723 - Email - Website - Map
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