The Quarterdeck Restaurant

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The Quarterdeck Restaurant is situated just past the Harbour Office above the inner harbour.
It has both inside and outside seating for food and drink, both with panoramic views of the Harbour.
We serve Breton style cuisine with fresh seafood when available and a traditional roast on Sundays.

Address: The Quarterdeck Restaurant, Inner harbour, Braye, Alderney GY9 3DL

Phone: +44 1481 823842 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (6)
06/02/2024 @ 7:55 am
The Quarterdeck Restaurant Alderney
Hi Nakita Crew, As far as we are aware the restaurant is open all year round. But to be on the safe side, just give them a call and let them know your dates. Their contact details are on their advert above.
Let us know how it went.
HG Crew
05/02/2024 @ 8:50 am
Nakita Crew
The Quarterdeck Restaurant Alderney
Is this the new restaurant at Braye Harbour? It was in the process of being built last time we were here. If so is it open all year or just seasonal?
27/10/2023 @ 10:45 am
Sarah & Colin
The Quarterdeck Restaurant Alderney
The first time we visited Alderney this restaurant was just about to open, but unfortunately we had to set off before hand. So we were really looking forward to seeing it this summer on our visit this summer. What a great job they have done and Braye Harbour definitely needed something like this. It has a French feel to it and the seafood is obviously very fresh and we think sauced locally. Nice view over the harbour and plenty going on to keep you occupied. All in all a very welcome addition to the Alderney eating scene, and an absolute necessity for Braye Harbour.
31/01/2023 @ 9:20 am
Helen Johnson
The Quarterdeck Restaurant Alderney
Hi, I can confirm that the the Quarterdeck has opened as I had a fantastic sunday lunch there last year. I think it does close in January and february though. Its a fantastic location and well worth visiting for both food and drinks. We loved it!
10/01/2023 @ 3:50 pm
The Quarterdeck Restaurant Alderney
Hi Kieran
We are pretty sure that the Quarterdeck Restaurant is now open and fully functional. We are in the process of contacting them to get more information on the bar and restaurant, opening times etc. and will keep you informed.
Harbourguides Crew
10/01/2023 @ 3:41 pm
Kieran Roberts
The Quarterdeck Restaurant Alderney
Is the restaurant now open? We were last in Alderney three years ago and this restaurant didn't exist then? we plan to come to the Channel Islands again this Summer on our sailboat and as this restaurant is listed in Braye Harbour, sounds ideal for us visiting by noats. (A change from the chippy) can you confirm if it is now open?
K R.
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