The Docks Coffee House

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The Docks Coffee House
Specialty coffee can be simply defined as coffee beans that are grown and graded to the highest standards. Removing all defective beans from the mix to create the greatest flavors and aromas that you never knew existed in a humble cup of black beauty!
​We use a local Roaster that puts an emphasis on Fair Trade sourcing and invests in the regions the beans are born from. Responsible ethics is the cornerstone of any well sourced product and we at The Docks firmly believe in everyone getting a fair shake for a job well done.
​Over the years we've tried coffees on several different continents, across dozens of countries and have not found a cuppa more satisfying than the one you are about to taste made from the hands of our Baristas.

Address: The Docks Coffee House, 44 Oxford Steet, Southampton, SO14 3DP

Phone: 023 8022 0749 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (1)
14/09/2017 @ 8:04 pm
Helen & Len Yacht
Wow. really cool place. Great friendly staff and tasty snacks. Well worth a visit.
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