Port Forum

41║ 24.9' N - 2║ 13.7' E VHF 73

Address: Port Forum, C/ de la Pau, 12, 08930, Sant AdriÓ de Bes˛s Barcelona

Phone: +34 93 356 27 25 - Email - Website - Map
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21/04/2013 @ 2:37 pm
Max Hitchens

June, 2012 - I paid $3,300 in advance for a year's berth at a marina managed by Port Forum.

October, 2012 - I was informed via email that meters were now installed and they would begin charging for water and electricity. I replied, that I had a prepaid contract which included water and electricity. No response from them.

February, 2013 - I received a demand for payment for water and electricity. Again, I responded that I had paid in advance for a year on a contract which included water and electricity. Again, No response from them. Two weeks later - Another demand for payment. This time I contacted Oscar Lopez of Port Forum management about the problem. He responded that the "situation has changed" and I would now be required to pay for water and electricity.

March, 2013 - Joan Llorens informed me that if I continued to refuse to pay the bill for water and electricity, they would be shut off. Two weeks later, I returned to the boat to find the water and electricity disconnected and a refrigerator full of spoiled food.

April, 2013 - After a failed attempt to set up a meeting with Joan Conde of Port Forum and living without electricity, I left for a more hospitable marina two months before the end of my prepaid contract.

I will never return to any Port Forum managed marina and I would not recommend them to any one else.
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