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On the spectacular car free and dark sky island of Sark in the Channel Islands, UK. Enjoy your stay at one of our 5 beautiful (and LARGE) self-catering homes, for your getaway holiday.
Sark is a place that’s all about the balance of life. Being active, getting amongst the elements, eating and drinking well, spoiling yourself a little, chilling out, getting cosy and most of all having a good time!,br> There's a beach on every doorstep, so from the moment you arrive, the sea and rugged coastline are a reminder that you are somewhere where nature rules.
Once inside your self-catering property, we will provide you with the best in Sark comfort and hospitality.

Address: Mister Hester's Luxury Holiday Homes, Rue du Moulin, Sark Channel Islands, GY10 1SA

Phone: +44 7781 161 010 - Email - Website - Map
Reviews (1)
18/05/2019 @ 1:47 pm
Steve Mallinson HG Crew
I had the pleasure of taking the photos of these beautiful spacious luxury self catering homes. every one has a different character, location, size, etc. The one thing they all have in common is the wow factor. Its probably impossible to recreate the standard of accommodation on a series of photos. These really are "Luxury". Extremely well run by Jess and his partner Sheryl. If you are looking for large luxury self catering accommodation on Sark, then look no further.
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